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With the right information and the right tools, addiction doesn’t have to be an endless struggle. I have seen many people completely break free from pornography and other addictions. The results I see are so amazing most people don’t believe it is possible to be free of addiction that quickly. That is why I offer a money back guarantee, it isn’t too good to be true that you can be done wrestling with addiction in the very near future.

Contact Arden Compton now to set up  your FREE CONSULTATION

and regain your freedom!

Consultations can be done in person, over the phone, or webcam connections (skype, facetime, google hangout). Wherever you are I look forward to helping you!

Here is the money back guarantee:

Do you know of any other addiction resource that offers a money back guarantee? I don’t. If you choose to use my coaching services, I have such a high level of confidence that you will be satisfied with the results I offer a money back guarantee!
This is how it works: If you consistently work with me for 3 months, doing your part, keeping appointments and doing what I ask you to do, at the 3 month point I offer a one week window where you can ask for you money back if you don’t feel it has been worth your time and money. I don’t hesitate to offer this, because I know if a person is serious about healing from addiction, the Christ-centered approach I use will work. Most of the people I work with are completely free from cravings in 2-4 months. I know that may sound unbelievable to people who have struggled endlessly, but that is what I see all the time. To date no addict has ever asked for their money back. Overall I would say I have about a 90% success rate. The 10% that haven’t been successful almost never stay with me for 3 months.
I hope this helps. I really want people to know there can be relief, and it doesn’t have to be an endless struggle. With God all things are possible! Even complete healing from addiction!

To learn more contact me and feel free to read through the information on this blog. Everything I have put on this blog is there with the hope that it will help you. God bless you!

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