A Significant Breakthrough in Addiction Recovery!

Hi Arden… I just logged into my laptop to thank you for your help today. I’m feeling very good. Confidence 9/10. It’s a different feeling. Kind of freedom from clutches. – Herman

Arden did a wonderful job helping me with porn addiction. You have to be open minded and give his methods a chance. I have been addicted to lust and porn for 30 years. Nothing else has worked but his methods really do! – Johnny – New Mexico

“Almost every significant breakthrough is the result of a courageous break with traditional ways of thinking” Stephen R. Covey

I use a different approach in addiction recovery, one that consistently produces remarkable, rapid results. And aside from common sense measures, there are only two tools (that I will describe later) in my addiction recovery tool belt. I did not pick up these two tools from conventional training in addiction recovery. I am not a therapist or a counselor. I simply happened to have someone come to me once with an addiction, and I tried these two tools, and the results were amazing. I realized that God had put into my lap some tools that were very effective with addiction, and that I should help as many people as I could struggling with addiction. That was in the fall of 2005, and since then I have shared my two tools, and empowered hundreds of people struggling with addiction (mostly pornography addiction), with about 90% breaking free of their addiction in a period of about 2-5 months.

Despite this success I have seen in addiction, it has been challenging for me to share with others what I am doing. It is a different, and outside the box approach. Most addiction professionals I visit with are polite, but don’t take me seriously. I would love for every addiction recovery program to adopt the two tools I have, because I know it would significantly improve their level of effectiveness. I am not saying they aren’t effective at all, but I have not found another addiction recovery program that produces better results than mine, or I would refer people to them and go do something else. I only do what I do because of the results in produces. One of my goals is to change the culture of addiction recovery. Currently people expect that overcoming an addiction is going to take a long time, there will be many relapses, and in fact you will struggle with this the rest of your life. My message is that you can be completely free in a few months. Do you find that unbelievable? Most people are very doubtful that a person can be free of addiction in a few months, when so many struggle for so many years. Using the tools that most people are using for addiction recovery, it just doesn’t seem possible. However, I am so confident that this process works, I even offer a money back guarantee – if you aren’t happy with the results and you have done your due diligence, after 3 months I give people a one week window to ask for your money back. No addict has ever asked for their money back. Usually after a few visits they can already see significant changes, often even after just one visit.

But since you haven’t seen the results yet, of course you are probably still skeptical. Any time there is a different approach to something, people who are used to the old approach often resist the new approach. It is very normal for a new approach to be met with skepticism and doubt. Just about every significant break through has been seen this way. When Columbus suggested the world was round, people thought it was ridiculous.  People are used to things being the way they have been, and to suggest that reality is different than was previously thought rocks the boat. That often makes people uncomfortable. So, you may be uncomfortable with what I suggest is going on with pornography and other addictions. But I ask you to consider what I am saying as a possibility. The results I see tell me that my hypothesis is accurate.

Before I share with you the two tools in my tool belt, we have to look at the reason for addictions. Why do so many people struggle endlessly with this problem? Despite their good intentions, and the good intentions of many who try to help addicts, for far too many the problem goes on and on. Most people have concluded that the problem is biochemical; it is essentially a problem with brain chemistry and the brains dependency on the addictive substance. However, I have found that while it is a factor, brain chemistry problems are a secondary symptom to a deeper problem. Once the deeper problem has been addressed, the brain chemistry will straighten itself out much more quickly. If you haven’t read the page titled: “Why you can’t stop!” then please do so now, then continue reading. In this article you will see a spiritual factor to addiction; once addressed, brain chemistry can quickly change, and the person no longer has an addiction.

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 Hi Arden,Today’s meeting was particularly helpful. I have been jumping and playing like a little kid since then. haha. Thanks. – Adam

Did you read that page yet? Make sure you do 🙂

So a large part of what is going on with addiction is that people are being ambushed (attacked, sabotaged, used) by satanic and disembodied spirits. It seems that until these spirits are removed from the scenario, there is no end to the addictive cravings. This may be surprising to you; but if you think about it, it really isn’t surprising that forces of darkness are part of addiction. We know that Satan and his forces are at work against us, so saying they are playing a role in pornography and other addictions is kind of a no-brainer. There is nothing to fear in this, we just need take appropriate action. Fear is Satan’s tool, the more we fear him and his forces, the more power they have in our lives. We can act with hope and confidence, knowing that Jesus Christ has already won the war, and he can help us win this battle.

Jesus Christ is the source of all true healing. That is the first and most important principle in the approach I take to addressing this aspect of pornography addiction. If I tried to help people without bringing Christ into the process, then I wouldn’t be helping people. So, the approach I take, the first tool in my toolbelt is to help addicts to tap directly into Christ’s power to be free of the spirits who are plaguing them. Once these other spirits are out of the picture, the person feels a dramatic change. Cravings drop significantly, or completely disappear.

So, in a way the process is very simple. I ask the people I coach to command in the name of Jesus Christ that satanic spirits (those who never had a body) and disembodied spirits (those who used to have a spirit) that are contributing to the problem to be dismissed. This connects the addict to Christ and his power. With Christ’s help all things are possible. When done correctly, a person is then in a much better position to think clearly, and make the right choice.

Something else I have discovered is that in clearing these spirits, there is a need to specifically identify what they are doing; otherwise they don’t seem to leave. We need to identify the urge they are contributing to, the lie they are telling, the false belief they are promoting, the justification or rationalization they are encouraging. Sometimes we have to identify something about the addict that is giving the spirit permission to be there. At first I thought if a person simply said, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command all satanic and disembodied spirits that are playing a role in my pornography problem in any way to be dismissed,” that that would get rid of all the spirits. But for some reason it doesn’t, and I know it doesn’t because of the results I have witnessed when this approach was used. It only made a small difference with cravings, urges and false beliefs. What I have seen is that we need to identify exactly what the spirit is doing, pinpoint it, and once we have it pinpointed, command it to leave in Christ’s name. It is as if we leave loop holes when we just say “all spirits”. These spirits don’t seem to be willingly cooperative, and they aren’t leaving until they are identified specifically. Sometimes this takes a little detective work. That is really all I do as a coach, I help a person connect the clues and identify exactly what a spirit is doing. The person then uses Christ’s name and commands the spirit to leave, and the craving or whatever it is immediately feels much less, or not there at all. If it doesn’t change then we didn’t correctly identify what the spirit is doing. If it changes, but there is still some charge to a craving, then we do some more detective work, and once again command the spirit to leave that has been identified. Even though I have seen this happen many, many times, it is still amazing to me how quickly a persons cravings and desire for pornography can just evaporate with this process. Of course, Jesus Christ is the key.

Even though things can quickly change, this is a process that needs to be repeated again and again for different triggers, beliefs, and aspects of addiction. These spirits have to leave when identified, but they don’t give up. I am not sure if they come back, or they have replacements, or exactly what it is. But I advise people I coach to do this on their own every time they feel the slightest pull towards pornography. Some people tell me that initially they may have to command spirits to leave 20 times a day for the first week or so. I tell them that is OK, you aren’t going to use up Christ’s power, it is limitless. If those spirits aren’t giving up on sabotaging a person, then that person shouldn’t stop using Christ’s help. Sometimes a person may think when feeling a craving, “Well, I just commanded spirits to leave 10 minutes ago, I shouldn’t have to do it again.” That is just what the spirits want a person to think, so they can stay and do their sabotaging. Do it every ten minutes if needed.  I tell people, “if in doubt, cast ’em out.” If it turns out there weren’t any spirits there, then no harm has been done. Christ isn’t going to be upset if you use his name to cast out a spirit, and it turns out there wasn’t one. No harm done.

The second tool in my tool belt is also outside the box. It is known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This self-applied method is based on the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture, but there are no needles involved. It was discovered that as a person lightly taps on acupuncture points with their own fingertips, while focusing on an addictive craving (or an emotion or belief contributing to a craving), the craving will subside. This also often comes across as strange at first, but once a person experiences the rapid results it produces, they don’t care how strange it may appear. I find that this process is excellent at dealing with the remaining brain chemistry problems once the dark spirits are removed from the situation. As I coach people with these two tools, it is an amazing 1-2 punch! So many of the people I have coached have been blown away at how rapidly their craving go away, and how quickly they gain control of the situation. One of my goals is to empower people with these two tools, so they can use them on their own. I want to help them get to a point where they don’t need me anymore!

So, this is a different approach to freeing a person from addiction, but I have seen it working.  It doesn’t take away the good that any other approach or technique has. If a person wanted to add this to another program that had some helpful tools or techniques, that would be great. Let’s use every good tool we have to help free people from the plague of pornography.

If you have any questions, comments, or insights, feel free to comment on this blog, or contact me, Arden Compton, at wholesomelives@mac.com

Dr. Compton, Hello!  This is B. W., a former client of yours. It has been about 18 months since you worked with me.  I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that I have been doing great without my former “weaknesses”.  I have since been happily married!  Things are great. Thanks, – B. W. – Vermont

“This is WIERD!”

If that is your response to what you have read, just don’t freak out! As strange as it may seem at first, we know that when Jesus Christ walked the earth, he often would cast out devils and unclean spirits (Matthew 12:22), and this seemed to be part of the healing process as he healed the sick. We know that the disciples of Christ did the same thing (Matthew 10:8). In the book of Luke the disciples of Christ tried to stop someone from casting out devils in Christ’s name. He replied, “And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.” (Luke 9:40). Apparently Jesus was OK with people casting out devils in his name. At the end of the book of Mark, Christ gives a list of signs that will follow those who believe in him; he said, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils;… (Mark 16:17). There it is right at the top of the list. Why is it that so many people who profess to believe in Christ freak out when we talk about these spirits playing a role in addiction, and accessing Christ’s power to free them? Maybe we have seen too many scary movies. I think movies about demonic possession have created such a ultra-scary image, no one wants to be classified as having that problem. But that isn’t reality. Maybe we think if there is an evil spirit involved that we are really super evil. Maybe there is something in our culture that says this can’t be happening in our world today. But it is. It isn’t anything unusual or to be afraid of, just to be aware of. It doesn’t mean a person is super evil-out of control possessed when dark spirits are playing a role in addiction. Once we know the truth, with Christ’s help we are empowered to deal with the problem effectively. Satan wants us to do everything we can about the problem except get rid of the problem, namely him. Once the dark spirits are taken out of the situation, it is much, much easier to break free from the bad habit of addiction that is still left over.
If in doubt, give it a try. Go along with the video demonstration on this blog. You don’t have anything to loose – oh wait, yes, you might loose your addictive cravings. I would say 9 times out of 10 when I coach a person through the process, there is a change in their addictive cravings right there on the spot. Results don’t lie. Completely healing from the addiction still takes some time to work through, but with the right Christ centered tools it doesn’t have to be as hard as most people experience. There is hope for complete healing through the power of Jesus Christ!
God bless you!



  1. I was addicted to heroin for years. I’ve tried many methods to fight for my recovery. I feel what has helped me most are these classes. They were fun and freeing. I learned so much and spent hours afterwards fixing my brain. I’ve been clean for 5 1/2 years and live a life I never thought I deserved. The method is so simple and the results are so rewarding. Highly recommend. Thank you Arden!

    • Thank you for letting me know! I am so happy you are doing well!

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