Posted by: Arden Compton | April 6, 2009

Masturbation Addiction

The content of this post assumes you have some knowledge of EFT. I encourage you to visit the video tabs and other information at the top of the blog about how EFT works. That will help the blog posts much more helpful for you.

I just worked with a young man struggling with a masturbation addiction.  We have had a few visits, identifying aspects to his addiction. But he still had occasional relapses. Upon further investigation, even though he was not aware of it at first, he had number of justifying beliefs driving the behavior.  For instance, there was the belief that masturbation was OK if/because: 

My brother did it first, I’m a sex addict, I’ve been rejected, I feel rejected, I feel unloved, it is going to be the last time, I am a man – that is what men do, I’m bored.

Each of these rationalizing beliefs made it OK to masturbate, even though he didn’t want to on a conscious level.  He also had the belief it helped him feel loved, it is fulfilling, and life is boring without it.

Once these beliefs were identified, with EFT  they were easily cleared.  I had him do a visualization at the beginning and end of the visit.  At the beginning he indicated his desire for masturbation was a 6 out of ten, by the end it had dropped to 0 out of ten.

With EFT we are really able to clear what is driving the undesired behavior amazingly fast!


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