Posted by: Arden Compton | April 8, 2009

Comments from a former pornography addict

Here are some comments from someone I helped.  It brings me great joy to make  real difference in someone’s life.

My first exposure to EFT fell into my lap due to an invitation from  my brother to meet with Arden Compton.  I did not know what to expect.  I had been in various group and individual therapies for addictions, mostly “talk” therapies, for almost three years and felt I wouldn’t experience anything I hadn’t already. Boy, did I  misjudge!  I had never been promised a full recovery with no more  desire for my addiction, as Arden promised EFT could provide for  me.  I was skeptical.  But I felt a drastic improvement after the  first visit.  It helped me feel inwardly stable – something I had  longed for but rarely could obtain and retain from day to day. Going home I thought to myself, “I’ve finally found the way to give up my addiction for good.”  I’ve since learned that EFT can help me get through any difficult or stressful situation I face, not just concerning my addiction.  This is the enabling power I have found in EFT: the fact that I can use it by myself whenever I need in whatever circumstance I might find myself.  It is MY tool, not just a therapist’s tool, but mine that I can continue to fine tune and  use whenever I feel the need.  It hasn’t been a magic bullet for me, but has given me the freedom to hope for a full and complete  recovery that lasts. “

  –Anonymous – Idaho


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