Posted by: Arden Compton | April 15, 2009

Survival beliefs driving pornography addiction

When  person has a problem with pornography, on some level they have beliefs that encourage the behavior.  Even if consciously they know they should stop, and want to stop, that isn’t enough if there is a competing belief that says they should or need to look at pornography.  These beliefs will lead them back to pornography and almost no amount of will power can keep them from going back.  This is because the survival system gets its’ wires crossed, and the addict has the perception, or belief, “I need pornography to survive.”  It isn’t logical, but that is the belief they are operating on.  There is no higher priority than survival, so if there is the perception this is needed for survival, willpower to refrain wilts.  

Imagine if someone was trying to throw you off a cliff, and someone else off to the side says, “Just relax, don’t worry, you are all upset about nothing.”  Our subconscious survival system will not relax in that setting, it will do whatever it takes to survive.  So, people go to all kinds of extremes to satisfy their addiction, the subconscious part of the brain that is running things makes it a priority.  Morals and ethics are irrelevant to the survival part of the brain.

With EFT we are able to address this very easily.  Correctly applied EFT can quickly align the survival part of the brain with the truth, and the truth is pornography addiction doesn’t help someone survive, in fact it is really getting in the way of the true joy that should be found in life.  I usually find in one visit this aspect can be addressed and corrected.   Once the survival system is no longer demanding pornography, the drive towards pornography is much less.  It is not the only thing that drives the addiction, but it is a very significant aspect, and unless it is addressed, no amount of “knowing” that pornography is interfering will change how the survival system is operating.  That is one of the things that makes overcoming the addiction so hard – but with the right tools it doesn’t have to be hard.  Once what is driving the addiction is aligned with the truth, overcoming the addiction can be much easier than thought.  If you don’t have any desire to view pornography, it is really easy to refrain.


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