Posted by: Arden Compton | April 21, 2009

Pornography Addiction – magazine trigger

The content of this post assumes you have some knowledge of EFT.   I encourage you to visit the video tabs and other information at the top of the blog about how EFT works.  That way the blog posts much more helpful for you.

A man came in for his third visit. The first two visits were on a Wednesday and Friday, this was the following Monday.  He had not looked at pornography in those days.  That was not remarkable, because it had only been five days.  What was significant was that he reported almost no desire to view pornography. There had been opportunities where he previously would have looked, but he chose to do other things with relative ease, the desire to see pornography was not nagging at him.  I asked him how strong the desire to see pornography had been over the weekend.  On a scale of 0-10, the strongest he had felt a pull was at a 3, and he indicated was easily dismissed; he said before once he was triggered even a little bit, it would keep nagging at him until he gave in.  This time he easily chose an appropriate activity.  

I asked him what had triggered him up to a 3, and he said it had been a magazine, not even a pornographic magazine – Better Homes & Garden or something like that.  But on seeing the magazine, the thought went through his mind, “I wonder if there is any skin in there?”  Previously lingerie magazines and catalogs had been one of his weaknesses.  So, on seeing a magazine, even a innocent magazine, he was triggered with some desire to “find some skin.”

I had him vividly imagine the situation he was in when he saw the Better Homes & Garden magazine, and see if he felt some of that pull.  He said he felt it at a 3 or 4.  So, we tapped though EFT focusing on that, and he indicated that the pull dropped down to  2.  I asked him if he could think of any event where he had been looking at a pornographic magazine that would bring up emotional intensity of any kind.  He said he had bought a magazine once – it was the only time he actually spent money on pornography, and he felt really guilty about that.  I asked him how strong he felt the guilt.  Out of ten he said he felt guilt at a 5 or 6.  So, we tapped through EFT on that, and the guilt came down to a 3.  I asked him why he still felt guilt, and he said, “Because I bought it.”  So we focused on that phrase while tapping through the EFT points, and he said the guilt came down to a 2.  I asked him why he still felt some guilt, and he said, “I because I contributed to the pornography industry with my money.”  So we focused on that as we tapped through the points.  He then indicated he no longer felt any guilt.

I then had him imagine he was walking across a parking lot and saw a magazine laying on the ground 10 feet away, as he visualized this he felt curiosity triggered at a 3.  So we tapped on being curious about what he might find in that magazine.  He said that came down to a zero.  Then I had imagine that as he walked by the magazine it was a Playboy, and the centerfold was blowing back and forth in the wind – how strong is the desire to pick it up?  He said that felt like about a 2.  We tapped on that and it quickly came down to a zero, he didn’t want to pick it up.  He said he remembered a time when he had gone into someone’s bathroom and had found a Playboy magazine.  I had him visualize that, and he said it triggered him at a bout a 2.  We tapped through that trigger, and it also quickly came down to a zero.  

Once these memories and triggers are identified, with EFT they can easily be cleared so they no longer bring up the craving.  I have seen it over and over again.  What matters most it what happens in real life outside my office – and what I have seen is that once we clear these triggers, people come back and tell me what used to be a problem situation is no longer a problem.  Then the former addict is really free to take his life in new, positive direction.


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