Posted by: Arden Compton | April 22, 2009

Pornography Addiction and Stress

The content of this post assumes you have some knowledge of EFT.   I encourage you to visit the video tabs and other information at the top of the blog about how EFT works.  That way the blog posts much more helpful for you.

This morning I was visiting with a man I have visited with off and on for about 4 months. He has made remarkable progress, and cravings for pornography  are almost non-existent in his life.  However, in the last two weeks he indicated that the stress level in his life was over the top.  In this state of extreme stress, he allowed himself to go to a celebrity website where this woman had some revealing photos of her self.  As far as pornography goes, it wasn’t bad, but it certainly was not good, and certainly not where he should have been.  That was about 10 days ago, and he indicated that after he got off that site he used EFT on his own to address this trigger, and the desire to see more pictures of this celebrity.  He has been fine since, but he says because of this he felt a little more vulnerable.  

So I helped him address this further. I made the statement, “If I am really, really stressed pornography is OK.”  He said on a gut level that felt like it has some truth in it.  I asked him why it felt true, and he said when he was really stressed, somehow pornography was a viable option to escape the stress.   We used EFT to address this, but I am not satisfied that we got it all, I will follow up on this with him on our next visit.

An aspect that many addicts need to address is their stress response.  With this man, one of the things he is going to work on is finding a way to deal with the load of his responsibilities without reacting with so much stress.  As we face life’s challenges with faith, hope, and optimism, we can get through them easier.  When we react with fear, it creates stress, and that in turn interferes with our ability to perform, and increases the likelihood of failure.

I have seen with many addicts that they do good until they hit a stressful situation that is overwhelming.  At these times it is good for the person to know EFT so it can be self-applied to help reduce the stress and the cravings.  But if there is a relapse at any level, it is important that it be addressed quickly, to help the person get back on track.  Even this trigger of overwhelming stress can be addressed and cleared with EFT.  The person can have a different reaction to overwhelming stress – they don’t have to go to pornography.  Perhaps they can go for a bike ride, or something else wholesome. Also, they can get to a point where difficult situations are handled differently, hope and optimism can replace overwhelming stress.  Then not only is the person free from pornography, but the stress as well, and their lives will be significantly better in many ways.


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