Posted by: Arden Compton | April 26, 2009

Porn/Masturbation Addiction & belief triggers

The content of this post assumes you have some knowledge of EFT.   I encourage you to visit the video tabs and other information at the top of the blog about how EFT works.  That way the blog posts much more helpful for you.

One person I have been working with that has a masturbation addiction has gone from masturbating daily to once/week in two weeks, he has now masturbated once/week over the last two weeks.  On the days he isn’t masturbating, he hasn’t been having any problem with the pull or desire to masturbate, it hardly crosses his mind.  On the days he has a problem, that exposes a trigger or an emotion, a belief, an old memory, that brings up the desire to masturbate.  During his last episode he said he went into the shower  with the desire to masturbate down to a 1 out of 10, barely on the radar.  He said just as he was finishing his shower the thought crossed his mind, “Hey I could do this now,” and the next thing he knew he was masturbating.  As I visited with him about this, and I had him replay the event in his mind to see if that brought anything up, he said it brought up a little arousal, and he said he like the shower wasn’t complete until he masturbated.  So, we applied EFT by tapping on, “A shower isn’t complete unless I masturbate.”  A positive affirmation we included was, “Masturbating used to be a part of showering, but not anymore.”  I had him replay the memory in his mind, and he said he didn’t feel any arousal this time.

Then I had him make the statement, “Masturbating is a part of showering.”  I asked him if on a gut level if it landed true in any way.  He said it did connect with him.  So, we tapped again on that statement, “Masturbating is a part of showering.”  We included the positive affirmation again, “Masturbating used to be a part of showering.  I delete the program to masturbate when showering.  It isn’t supposed to be a part of showering, that is a perversion.”  After we tapped that out, the statement, “masturbating is a part of showering,” no longer connected with him in any way.

So, as we clear masturbation and pornography addiction, it is important to identify where old comfort zone triggers are, and the beliefs that keep them in place.  “Masturbating is a part of showering,” is an example of a belief that brings back the desire to masturbate while showering, even if nothing was there before.  Kind of like needing to urinate when you walk into a bathroom to comb your hair – you didn’t need to go before, but since you are in the bathroom, the need to urinate is triggered because that is what you usually do in there.  Once these inappropriate triggers are identified, they can easily be cleared with EFT, as this man experienced in just a few minutes.



  1. Nice info, useful for my job… thanks for share, keep posting… 🙂

  2. I just can identify the underlying emotion to my masturbation addiction. I so want to resolve it with EFT but I just can’t seem to get to the root cause. Its driving mad because most if the time I don’t even enjoy it!


    • Hi Mark, are you open to meeting with me so I can help you identify what’s going on here? Feel free to call or text me 435-890-4737. I am here to help! You can be free of this!

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