Posted by: Arden Compton | May 15, 2009

The Spiritual Darkness of Pornography

There is an element of pornography that cannot be addressed with EFT, counseling, therapy, or anything except the power of Christ. It is the spiritual darkness of pornography. In the beginning God said, “Let there be light” and he separated the light from the darkness. That which is good and of God is light. When we make choices contrary to the will of God, Satan takes away our light. “That wicked one taketh away light and truth through disobedience,” scriptures say. Pornography is something that is so completely antiChrist that the darkness that enters into the lives of those involved with pornography is profound. Many addicts will feel this darkness and call it depression, or anxiety. The only escape seems to be looking at pornography, that is another one of Satan’s deceits because that just fills them with even more darkness. Some are completely oblivious to the darkness, it may seem “normal” to them, and think the suggestion that there is anything spiritually wrong or dark with pornography is ridiculous. They are so blinded by the darkness that they can’t see the truth.

Scriptures make reference to satanic weapons. These are referred to as,’the chains of hell’, ‘the fiery darts of the adversary’, ‘his snares’, ‘blinding the eyes of men’, ‘cords by which he carefully leads them’, and so on. Scriptures also make reference to the tools that we can defend ourselves, such as the sword of the truth and the shield of faith. I believe that these are not simply metaphors, put literal on a spiritual level. At times as I work with people I ask them to close their eyes, be quite within themselves, and in their minds eye view themselves, and see if they can see darkness in or around them. They almost always say yes. If I ask them where they see the darkness and what it looks like, they will give a description that is unique to them. Some say they see the darkness in their brain, others say they see it all around them, some say it is around their heart, there is no right or wrong to what they see. I also ask them if they see any weapons that have been hurting them; I tell them it could be any weapon anywhere in their being. Some report they see a knife in the heart, or a javaline going right through them, or a small dart in the brain, or a dozen darts in the brain. Again, there is no right or wrong to this. Some say they see chains binding them, one person said there were chains wrapped all around him like the wrappings of a mummy, some say they see a chain and ball around their ankle. Some will see multiple weapons; like a chain on the ankle, a dagger in the heart, and a sword in the brian.

Scriptures refer to Christ as the Light of the world, he is the only one that can free us from satanic effects of pornography. There are a number of ways to tap into the power of Christ to help the addict be free of the darkness and the spiritual weapons afflicting them. One is a Christ centered visualization, very similar to the one I lead them through when dealing with guilt and shame. I have them close their and see themselves in their minds eye, seeing the darkness and weapons as we discussed. I then have them repeat after me a short script – “Everything I have ever done that has allowed this darkness and these weapons (I have them specifically mention where they see the darkness and the weapons) into my life are sins from my past. I can’t change what happened, I can’t change that I made those mistakes and opened myself up to these Satanic attacks. The best thing to do is learn from this and turn to Christ for healing. To help me do this, I forgive myself for having looked at pornography and masturbating (masturbating usually goes along with it), I forgive myself for all I have said and done and not said and done that has been a part of this problem.” I then have them imagine that Christ enters the scene in their minds eye, full of brilliant light, love, compassion and perfect understanding for the person and all that has happened. I have them imagine that Christ says something like, “You don’t need to carry this darkness and these weapons with you. Come to me, I will remove them from you, and heal you.” I then ask them if they can see themselves going to Christ and allowing this to happen. I give them some time here, this may not be an easy thing for them to do, and some are not able to do it on the first try. For some reason some just can’t turn it over to Christ, they feel it would hurt him too much, or it was their mistake so Christ can’t take it, or they don’t believe Christ would or could take it. For these there are other things that need to be done before this can work for them. But for many this works beautifully. I have them tell me what they see happening in their minds eye, they will usually describe something like, “I go to him, and his light dispels the darkness. He takes gently removes the weapons and heals the wounds left by them. He gives me a hug and I am filled with his light.” Each persons account is unique in some way. If they don’t see themselves filled with his light, I ask them to see the Savior placing his hand on their head and giving them a blessing, and as he does so see the light coming from him move through his hands into their head and on down through the body, completely filling them with his light. I instruct them to breath in deeply as they see the light moving down through the body – breath in the light, and exhale any darkness, any hurt, any fear, anything that would interfere with the light. This is usually a profound experience for them that leaves them feeling, literally, very light, empowered, and hopefull, and grateful the mercy extended by Christ.

Another possibility (good for those who were not successful with the visualization) is to instruct the client to raise his right arm the square and ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’ command the darkness and the weapons (describing them as specifically as possible) to be dismissed. Some will do that as I visit with them, some are more comfortable doing that on their own. In the end, they need to also see themselves free of the darkness and weapons, and filled with light.

Most of the men I work with are not only Christian, but are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. For them I recommend a priesthood blessing (also especially when the visualization did not work)where the person giving the blessing commands Satan and the darkness of Satan to depart, along with all the weapons and any other way Satan has been ensnaring them. This also is a turing point for many of them. It is important in this to be as specific as possible in identifying what needs to be dismissed. If one leaves any loop holes in the process, Satan will exploit that and return with all of his darkness.

Addressing the spiritual darkness of pornography is a little unconventional, and may even strike some people as being weird, but as I coach people through this process, I find this is an essential element of the problem to address. If it is not addressed, one is still be affected and limited by his problem, and eventually pulled back into it. It is important that this spiritual darkness be addressed with faith and hope, knowing the power of Christ is enough to overcome this.  If there is any element of fear (fear of the darkness, fear of Satan, etc)  then that just gives Satan leverage, fear is his tool.  We must approach this with faith, hope, and love.  With God, all things are possible.

If you have any insights or questions, feel free to comment.


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