Posted by: Arden Compton | May 21, 2009

EFT shifts our perceptions about pornography to the truth.

This post assumes you have some knowledge of EFT, I encourage you to review the videos and other tabs at the blog so the post will be more helpful for you.

One of the things that happens as a person uses EFT while focusing on a craving for pornography is our perception shifts to the truth, and the intensity of the craving drops.  The mirage is that looking at pornography is desirable.  A part of us thinks we can have sex with the girl, and we can have a pleasurable experience instead of dealing with the stress and hurts of our life.  As we tap through the EFT process, the subconscious shifts from the mirage to the truth.  The truth is we can’t have sex with that girl, and we don’t really escape the stresses of our life; they are all there waiting for us once we stop looking at the pornography.  I have seen this over and over again as I have coached people through this process, and the result is less desire for pornography.  Pornography cannot stand in the light of truth.

I recently did a seminar where I thought I would test this out in a slightly different way.  I had everyone in the audience vividly imagine that they were standing at their kitchen counter with a lemon, a cutting board, and a knife.  I asked them pick up the lemon, feel the texture of the rind, hold it up to their nose and smell it.  I then asked them to place the lemon on the cutting board and cut it in half, feel and hear the knife moving through the lemon .  As they do so a stronger lemon aroma fills the air, and they get some lemon juice on their fingers.  I ask them to cut off a thin round shaped slice.  Now more juice is on their fingers.  I ask them to take the round piece and cut it half, pick up one of the halves, put it in their mouth and suck on it.  I waited a few seconds and then I asked for a show of hands as to how many of them felt a physical response to this.  All but one raised their hands.  I asked how many of them smelled the lemon.  About half raised their hands.  The point is their body was responding to a mirage.  I asked them to put the intensity of their response on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the intensity they would experience with a real lemon.  Responses varied between 4 and 8.

I then coached them through the EFT process, focusing on the lemon, the smell of the lemon, the sound of cutting the lemon, the taste of the lemon, the saliva response to lemon, the puckering sensation in their mouth, the feel of the juice on their fingers.  After we tapped through the points focusing on this, while continuing to tap I included a few statements like, “This is all a mirage; there is no lemon.  My body responding to this is bad timing.  It is inappropriate to produce saliva for a lemon when there is no lemon.  I ask my body to respond to the truth, and the truth is there are no lemons in here.”  

I then coached them through the lemon visualization again, asking them see, smell, feel, and taste the lemon it in their minds eye as vividly as possible  Once we were done I asked them if their physical response was the same or different as the first time.  Everyone indicated a significantly lower number than before.  Their responses ranged from 0 to 3.

What this demonstrated to the group was how EFT process aligns our perceptions, most importantly on a subconscious level, with the truth of the present moment.  When focusing on pornography cravings, it is one of the reasons the cravings and desire for pornography drop so dramatically in just a few minutes.  To completely clear the craving, we just need to know what it is about pornography that is pulling them.  Once we identify that, we can focus on it while applying EFT, the perception shifts to the truth, and that aspect of pornography is no longer pulling.  A relatively simple process that produces amazing results!

If you have any questions or thoughts about this post, feel free to comment.


Please note that EFT is not a replacement for help from a licensed, qualified counselor or therapist.  Dr. Arden Compton does not claim to be a therapist or provide therapy.


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