Posted by: Arden Compton | May 28, 2009

Missing masturbation

Today I visited with three clients in three different states via phone and web-cam connection.  It is great that EFT is so simple I can can coach people over the phone.  One of them was a two week follow-up.  The client is about 5 or 6 weeks along, he did not look at pornography in the last two weeks.  But he had felt a pull a few times during those two weeks.  I asked him what the scenario was when he felt a pull, and he said that it was when he was going home to an empty apartment at night, and he felt a pull to look at pornography to masturbate.  We identified a few other triggers, and it always went to a “pull to look at pornography to masturbate.”  So, at this point it became evident that he was going through masturbation withdrawal.  So, we tapped a coming home to an empty apartment, and a few other triggers tied to this.  In the positive reframes we focused on how he had been deceiving himself by masturbating while looking at pornography.  In the end he felt even more in control, and we reset another appointment for two weeks.


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