Posted by: Arden Compton | June 26, 2009

What if there is a relapse?

What if a person has a relapse?  One of the fun things about using EFT to help people is that the number of relapses tend to be low.  I would guess about half the people I coach don’t ever have a relapse… but that means about half do.  It can be very disheartening for someone who seems to be doing better to experience a relapse. It is easy for them to feel hopeless, to feel like they are back where they started, or that EFT “isn’t working anymore.”  However, given that most addicts have been struggling with this problem for years, it isn’t surprising that we aren’t able to clear up all the aspects of the problem before a trigger comes up that leads to a relapse.

But my main premise in using EFT for pornography addiction is that we can apply EFT to the triggers, beliefs, and excuses that are driving the addiction. So, if a person has a relapse, it is essential to assess what triggered the relapse.  I will ask my client just what was happening when they gave in. I will want to know every detail I can about what was going on.  For instance, I will want to know what time of the day it was, what they were feeling, what was happening earlier in the day that might have set the stage for the relapse.  This information will give me clues about what the real trigger was, and once that is identified, we can go through the EFT process and address that trigger.  Once identified, it can easily be cleared, and then no longer be a threatening trigger.  As we go through this process, the client begins to regain hope.  He will usually see the trigger was an aspect we had not addressed before – EFT is still working, we just hadn’t gotten to everything yet.  Usually in a visit or two after a relapse the client is back on track and feeling great!  As we continue to address those things in the clients life that brings up the cravings, the cravings grow weaker and weaker until they just aren’t there.

So, it is essential to see relapses as opportunities to really clear a significant aspect of the problem.  Even though a person may have a few relapses while I coach them through this process, eventually we will get it all – usually it happens in a few months, which is amazingly fast!

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