Posted by: Arden Compton | July 14, 2009

Porngraphy cravings triggered by real women

There are many things that can trigger a craving for pornography.  Certain places, times of the day, sitting down at a computer, and many more.  One trigger that is nearly universal is when someone that struggles with pornography sees a women dressed in a revealing way, or a way that emphasizes her figure. I suspect if women who dress this way could read the thoughts of the men around them they probably would not dress that way. But once a man sees a women dressed this way, it is very natural for him to become aroused at some level. Men with pornography problems very typically will then seek out pornography at the first opportunity.

Even though it is natural for men to be attracted to women, this trigger can be addressed. My hypothesis is that EFT aligns our response with the truth of the present moment. When a man is looking at a women in a public place, the feeling of arousal is there because his animal instinct views her as an option for sex – otherwise why the arousal response? However, the truth is that this woman is not a sexual option. If that man is married, following these urges will lead to disaster in his marriage. If he is single, she still isn’t an option until after they are married. So, being aroused in the present situation in a public place is bad timing because the arousal cannot be acted on.  With EFT as we focus on this, literally the arousal response to these women becomes insignificant.  It is important for someone with a pornography problem to tap any time they find themselves triggered by women who cross their path. This is very empowering because neutralizes the arousal,  enables them to stay in control, and the probability that they will actually go and seek out porn is almost zero.  This is another example of how EFT empowers the addict and frees him from those triggers that formerly sent him back to pornography nearly every time.  Now he is free to  make positive choices  and have a much better life!

If you haven’t reviewed the tabs at the top of the page introducing EFT, please do so.

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  1. I briefly read the EFT concept. It seems to me to be based on Kinesiology & accupunture/accupressure theories. I tried these to cure my allergies through a holistic doctor – and it didn’t work for me.

    The reactions a man has to an attractive woman are hardwired into him. We can’t help but notice her! But what happens after that is up to us individually. We can take that image and lust after her & seek her out or we can allow that image to set off our compulsive behavior of porn use and masturbation. Or we could move along. The problem with someone who is deep into a porn addiction is that one of these triggers sets them on a fast moving train. The compulsive behavior runs them from seeing a woman to porn useage in no time flat! That train must be derailed! Take away the track!
    I believe the track is laid down in our hearts. We hold sin in our hearts – lust, greed, selfishness and these sins must be dealt with before the train can be stopped.


    • Thanks for your comment. I agree, the train and the tracks need to be re-routed. With EFT and God’s help this is very possible.

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