Posted by: Arden Compton | July 30, 2009

Pornography being used as a solution

Something that seems to be universal among pornography addicts is that they all use pornography as a solution to a problem in their life. So, whenever the problem is around, they escape/avoid/replace the problem with pornography. For many it is the solution to stress in their life. For others it is how they deal with loneliness or rejection. For many it is the solution to feeling inadequate and not good enough. The number of things that could cause stress in life are countless; and so the triggers to pornography cravings are countless.

With EFT, once we identify the problem that pornography is being used as the solution to we are able to put it into a set-up phrase and tap it out. Usually with a few rounds of tapping the mirage that pornography was a solution to the problem quickly fades in the light of truth. The truth is that pornography never really helped with the problem in any way, and in fact things got worse because of pornography.

If you have any questions or comments – feel free to comment.



  1. Doctor,

    I commend you for your work in the area of freeing people from the clutches of pornography…

    I can attest to the deleterious effects of this “harmless” material, as I allowed it to ravage my heart & soul…

    I am now in the process of working out my freedom…

    Question: Any idea as to the percentage of men addicted to pornography?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Marc,
      I don’t know for sure the percentage addicted to porn, I feel safe in estimating it is greater than 50%, but I have no way validating that. As I have searched the web there are a good number of people and organizations working to stem the tide of pornography; I take hope in that. And people like yourself are recognizing it is a problem and working to remove from their life.
      If you need any help as you work through this process, don’t hesitate to ask. Most men do need some outside help in breaking free from this. Also, I have put together my book and dvd set to be used as resources in this effort. If you have any questions at all as you work through this, feel free to contact me.
      God bless you,

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