Posted by: Arden Compton | August 24, 2009

Pornography Addiction – Is there a way out?

Is there a way out of pornography addiction?  Many people doubt that there is.  Many believe that once an addict always an addict; the addict can refrain from pornography, but the addiction will still be there. Some wonder how one can know if a person is really over the addiction.  There are so many accounts of people who seem to do well for a period of time, maybe even a few years, and then go back to addiction. How can one know if a person is free of this problem?

It is my firm belief that a person can truly be free of pornography addiction. It is possible for a person to free of the pull, free of all desire for pornography. Christ’s message to all mankind is that he can help change, truly change our nature from natural or carnal to a more Christ-like nature. Pornography is a not a problem beyond the healing power of the atonement of Jesus Christ; no problem is. This has been my experience as I have coached pornography addicts through the healing process, they really do get to a point where they simply don’t want it.  How can this happen with most seem to struggle endlessly with the problem?

First of all, it is important that a person recognizes this is hurting their life.  They need to want this out of their life. Then the key is to get at what is driving the desire for pornography.  Here there can be many factors, and I haven’t found any two men exactly alike.  It can be used as an escape from something unpleasant in life, or it can be used as a solution to something unpleasant in life. There are beliefs that drive the craving, there are emotions that drive the craving. The possibilities here could go on and on. Once the factors driving the desire for pornography are identified, God’s help and properly applied EFT can eliminate them from re-triggering a desire for porn. I find with most I work with this process takes two or three months to work through. Once they really have no desire for porn, and they are doing good things with their life, then they are free.  Could a person go back to it some time down the road.  Yes.  Does that mean they were never free of the addiction?  I think a person could be truly free of the addiction, and then down the road in life make a series of decisions that would put them back in trouble.  The addiction was created once, they can create it again.  We all need to be on guard, to be aware of the plague of pornography. Anyone of us could become ensnared if we aren’t careful.  The probability of this is significantly less if a person is able to reach a point where they really don’t want it. Most of the clients I coach through this process move their life forward in a spiritually positive direction away from pornography to greater light and truth. The more we fill our lives with light and truth, the less likely we are to ever put ourselves in a position where pornography is an attractive option.

Pornography Addiction – Is there a way out? Yes!


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