Posted by: Arden Compton | January 12, 2010

Justifying beliefs that drive pornography addiction

A pornography addict creates many beliefs that justify this aberrant behavior. Any time we do something that is wrong our ego will find a way to twist things so our wrong seems acceptable or even the right choice to make. Having worked with many porn addicts, I have put together a list of the most common justifying beliefs many addicts share. Read through this list below, and if one or more of these connects with you as being true, apply the EFT process until the belief has shifted and it no longer feels true. If you have any questions or comments on how to do that, feel free to contact me, or check out my book in the “Bookstore” section.
If any of these land true at any level, they need to be cleared or they will push you back to pornography again and again. Simply recognizing a belief is false doesn’t make it go away – you will still be operating on the false belief. Properly applied EFT can shift these beliefs amazingly fast, thus taking away much of what has been driving the addict back again and again. Once these beliefs are cleared, it is much easier to move in a positive direction away from porn.

Beliefs Regarding Pornography:
I need it to survive
I need it to be happy
It gives me value in some way
Sex means love
Sex gives me value
Seeing a naked women/man means I’m loved
If I see a naked woman, I am supposed to look
If I see a naked woman, I have to look
If I see a naked woman, I have to give in
If I see porn I can’t resist
It helps me escape stress
It helps me escape….
It is comforting
It helps me feel loved
It is fun and exciting
Pornography is stronger than me
I can’t overcome it
It’s hopeless to resist pornography
I am an addict so I will always have this problem
Men are supposed to look at porn
The girl in the picture wants to have sex with me
Pornography is my friend
Life is boring without it
The most important thing about a women is her breasts
Illicit sex is more fun
forbidden sex is more exciting
I can’t live without sex
It is justified if I am stressed
It’s OK if no one knows about it
It’s excusable if I’m unhappy
… or if I’m lonely
… or if I’m depressed
It’s OK to look if I accidentally run into it
It’s justified if I’m bored
…. or if things aren’t going well
… or if I’m really frustrated (or angry, irritated, feel rejected, etc)
It’s OK if it’s just soft porn
It’s excusable if it is going to be the “last time” I watch it


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