Posted by: Arden Compton | September 12, 2012

The false promises of pornography

It seems that a common factor in pornography addiction is that the person has the perception, whether they know it or not, that viewing pornography is going to help them in some way. Somehow they are hoping it will solve a problem, or give them something missing in their life. Perhaps they long for a loving relationship, and there is the illusion that pornography is going to help.

I was recently working with a man who had experienced a number of disappointments regarding his lifelong dreams. This triggered a relapse with pornography. Why? Because somewhere in the back of his mind was the idea that pornography would help make his dreams come true. Of course it didn’t, and it never will. Once we unmasked the idea, we easily applied EFT and cleared this false promise of pornography.

There are many false promises, such as: Pornography will

help me escape stress

help me feel loved

help me feel better if I feel bad in some way – lonely, rejected, inadequate, depressed, etc.

help me be happy

The list could go on and on. Just realize that if you are using pornography on a regular basis, chances are you are expecting it to solve a problem it never will. In fact, just the opposite is the truth. Everything we think will get better with pornography, actually gets worse. Don’t believe the false promises or pornography


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