Posted by: Arden Compton | July 14, 2013

Our True Identity

What is your true identity? Something I have found universal in among those struggling with pornography is that they have forgotten their true identity. They identify themselves by their problem, by their darkest moments. “I am an addict” is a common label they identify themselves by. “I am hopeless”, “I am a looser”, “I can’t overcome this problem”, “I am horrible”, “I am pathetic”, “I am too weak to change” and many other variations become a person’s identity. I have found that when a person believes an “I am” statement, they will prove it is their truth again and again. But none of these labels connect with your true identity. It is Satan who wants you to define you by your problems, your mistakes, your failures, your relapses. He wants you to think that your darkest moments show the deepest truth about you. It is the truth of where you were, it is the truth of what happened, but not the truth of who you are.

You are a child of God, made in God’s image. Think of what it means to be made in God’s image. I don’t think that is just referring to his anatomy that includes two eyes, two ears, two legs, and so forth. I think being made in the image of God includes his other qualities. God is loving, kind, patient, forgiving, creative, powerful, intelligent, and so forth. Those divine qualities that are a part of him are also within you, although you have not yet perfected these attributes. But it is the truth of who you are and are meant to become. God is not “a looser”, so that must not be part of your true identity either. You can make “looser” your truth, but it is not God’s truth for you life. God is not horrible, pathetic, or weak. That may feel like the truth about you, but that is Satan’s lie. Reconnect with God’s truth about you. Don’t let “addict” define you. There are those who say, “once an addict always an addict”, and you will struggle with this the rest of your life. I disagree with that in the strongest language possible. To say “once an addict always an addict” is to limit God and the infinite atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. You may be in the midst of addiction, but trust that the healing capacity of Christ is sufficient to heal you completely. You are not beyond the infinite healing capacity of Christ. I have seen many, many addicts truly become free. With the right tools, the right information, and God’s help, you and every person can be free!

Here is a link to a short video about your true identity. Enjoy!


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