Posted by: Arden Compton | July 17, 2013

What brings you joy?

What brings you joy in life? Do you know what your life purpose is? If you aren’t sure, dig in deep and really think about what brings you joy in life. Pornography doesn’t bring joy; it brings stimulation, but there is a big difference between joy and the artificial stimulation that comes from porn. Joy often comes in quite, meditative moments. The greatest joy often comes when serving others or when seeing someone sacrifice to serve you. Everyone is unique, and many people have identified activities that bring them joy. It could be a sport, a hobby, a majestic view. or watching children play. Figure out what brings you joy, and focus on doing more of that in your life. Work on being excellent at those things that bring you joy.

Often one of the reasons people struggle with porn is because they are drifting, they are not intentionally seeking for joy or excellence. They idle away their time because they are not working towards a purpose. As you move, creating joyful circumstances higher on your priority list, you have more focus in life, and you are less likely to waste time wandering into pornography. As a persons seeks for excellence, pornography is not part of the process.

Imagine a farmer that wants to maximize production on his plot of ground. Whatever he grows on his ground, he is going to choose the best. He will study and find the highest quality seed. He will be careful about his fertilizer and pesticide program. He will be careful on how he prepares the soil, plants the seed, and waters his crop. He is going to do his best to manage all of the factors to maximize his production. He wouldn’t knowingly put something on his crop that is going to lower his production by 10 or 20%. It just wouldn’t make any sense to put something on the field that lowers production.

If each of us would take care of our minds the way a farmer takes care of his field, we wouldn’t waste time and money on pornography. Our mind is one of our most important assets in life. Everything you do is based on information in your mind. We should seek to put into our minds only those things that help us have a more joyful life, not necessarily a more entertaining life. We should put into our minds excellent information, that help us increase in our capacity to be better, to be more loving, be more successful, be better husbands and fathers and make the world a better place.  Viewing porn, and most of the entertainment that our world offers, is like a farmer putting poison on his field. It keeps us from being our best. It fills us with shame, guilt and regret. We don’t feel worthy to have good relationships.

Use the tools I share on this blog to free yourself from the plague of pornography and other desensitizing entertainment. Strengthen your spiritual connections to God and Christ. Focus on the real people in your life (rather than the cyber women in your life) and reach out to serve them and strengthen real relationships. There is so much opportunity for good, so many opportunities for joy, and experiencing real love in your life. Please don’t miss another opportunity for real happiness doing real things with real people because of pornography. Don’t miss another opportunity to have joy with your spouse or other significant people in your life. Life is short, and the moments of happiness available today are only here today. Tomorrow will have infinite possibilities for joyful circumstances, so you can look forward with hope. But be sure to share real love with the people you are with today, don’ miss another opportunity for excellence because of poisonous pornography. Do the things that bring true, meaningful, lasting joy. Earnestly seek for excellence, be anxiously engaged in a good cause!

God bless you – Arden


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