Posted by: Arden Compton | September 19, 2013

Real Change – Seeking For Excellence

Sometimes when I am coaching someone with a pornography problem, they recognize a need to remove pornography from their life, but they don’t want it to be an inconvenience. They would be happy if I could just give them a pill and make it all go away. Of course that isn’t how things work. When I help someone with a pornography problem, I don’t want to just help them take pornography out of their lives, I want to help them create the best life possible. You can’t just take pornography out and leave everything else the same, or there is a good chance pornography will resume it’s former position in your life. I encourage people to seek for excellence in every area of their life. As pornography is eliminated from a person’s life, it needs to be replaced with activities that are wholesome, uplifting, and of service to others. For there to be real change with the pornography problem, there needs to be real change in other areas of life as well. Relationships need to be worked on, spirituality needs to be strengthened. There needs to be a daily effort to connect to God and feel his loving influence giving you perspective, and helping you to change the desires of your heart. In the post “Why you can’t stop once you start” I discuss the role that dark spirits are playing in pornography. They must be removed, but that is not enough, they need to be replaced with thoughts and actions of the highest vibration. We must each continually seek for excellence in every area of our lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationships, leadership skills, etc.

There must be daily prayer, meditation, scripture study, as well reading and listening to other uplifting information. How important is the information you put into your mind every day? The information in your mind effects every decision you make every moment in your life. Let’s compare your mind to a farmer’s field. Given that the farmer wants to maximize production, he is going to be picky about the seed quality and everything that goes into maximizing production. He wouldn’t knowingly use inferior seed or put something on the crop that would limit production. We should treat our minds the way a farmer takes care of his crop. We should be picky about what we put into our mind. We shouldn’t put things into our minds that are poisonous to us in any way. How often do people expose their minds to material and information that is poisonous, fear based, desensitizing, and dumbing down? All to often we pay money for inferior information that only limits us in life. We should be seeking for excellence in every way, not just coasting along. Find material of the highest quality and vibration. Don’t just take out the bad, fill your mind with the best you can find, and become the best you can be. There is so much more room in your life for joy, happiness, service, good clean fun, loving relationships, and real spirituality. If you have been viewing pornography, you have been missing out on a lot of joy. Don’t miss another moment of happiness. Today there are limitless good opportunities in so many ways. As you seek for excellence your eyes will begin to open and you will become more and more aware of how much good there is in your life, and how much room you have to grow and become better and better.

I encourage you to spend some time each day reading and listening to inspiring, uplifting information. I have found an excellent source of uplifting information in the Life Leadership company. They are committed to producing information that elevates lives. You can more information about their system at
Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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