Posted by: Arden Compton | January 3, 2014

Lessons from King David; Be Activley Engaged

I was visiting with a young man once who had relapsed and viewed pornography. As I asked him what had happened that led him to this relapse (because he had been doing good for quite a while with no cravings), he said it was during a holiday break, and everyone else was gone from the house, and he didn’t have anything pressing to do. He got on facebook for a while, and eventually stumbled on an image that led to another image that led to pornography. He hadn’t been seeking pornography initially, he was just wandering around online.
As he described this experience I was reminded of the fall of King David. He also was in a situation where he was apparently alone, and was just wandering around. Earlier in his life David had shown extraordinary faith, and had worked hard to overcome huge obstacles, and eventually rose to the throne as the King of Israel. At the point in the story where he sees Bathsheba bathing from his roof-top, has her brought to him, and commits adultry, he is in a position of relative ease and affluence. Things had been going well, he was very blessed. His army was off on a battlefront, and he should have been there with them, but he didn’t have to be there. He had generals to command the army, and he stayed home and relaxed. Perhaps he felt he deserved a break, perhaps he thought, “Why not stay home and relax? I earned a break. I am the King, I shouldn’t have to go to the battle.” Perhaps he felt he had “arrived” to a position where he no longer had to do hard things. I am guessing in this frame of mind he wasn’t actively seeking to move forward, he was just coasting along and enjoying his position. In this frame of mind, when he saw Bathsheba bathing, what should have been obviously wrong somehow became desirable. He wasn’t seeing things clearly, and where he had shown amazing wisdom in difficult circumstances, in this situation he made the worst choice possible.
All too often I hear stories of people viewing pornography when they weren’t doing anything, they were channel surfing or surfing the web, when they bumped into pornography. Since they weren’t seeking anything specific, they didn’t have a reason to turn away from pornography. So I encouraged this young man to be actively engaged in seeking good things in his life. I told him he couldn’t afford to idly spend time on the web or on TV. That he needed to be deliberate in his choices. I encouraged him to find an area of his life that he wanted to improve in, or something he really wanted to do. I encouraged him to become actively engaged in good causes, that would either improve himself or make the world a better place in some way. Not just a hobby, but something he would feel passion for, something he would have a burning desire for. When people spend their time idly in pornography, they forget about the things that could bring true joy and meaning to life. They disconnect from their life purpose and forget their is a greater purpose to life. I think King David had forgotten his life purpose, and wandered into forbidden paths. I encourage each of you to seek for you life purpose, work passionately towards it. Find something that is compelling, that brings you joy, to consider having it in your life. Once you achieve that, find something else to move your purpose forward. None of us ever “arrive” at a point where it is OK to stop learning, to stop progressing and seeking to improve ourselves and the world. When we are really connected to our purpose, working intentionally, being actively engaged in pursuing a good and worthy cause, then there is no place for things like pornography in our lives. Such poison only keeps us from the greater good when can be doing with our lives.
What is your purpose? What is it that you can do to make the world a better place? If you don’t know, work on figuring it out. It may take some time to uncover your purpose, but you do have a God-given purpose in your life. You are here for a reason. Do your best to live up to the best within you, no matter how long it takes and what the obstacles are. You are meant to do great things! You are a child of God with divine potential!
God bless you in all that you do!



  1. I love what you write there. It’s true that when people have “free time”, they often don’t know how to utilize it and engage in activities to either satisfy their sensual desire or short – term interest. In my opinion, people should set short term goals (which lead to longer interest) and try their best to achieve them. What you are writing and doing makes the world better!

    • Thank you so much for your insightful comment. God bless you!

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