Posted by: Arden Compton | February 10, 2014

LIfe Changing Information

One of the reasons people relapse with addiction is because of the culture that surrounds us. It is a culture that makes pornography seem so important, so awesome! And seeing a naked women is like winning a prize, as if you just got something really cool by being able to see “her”. They tell you that you just have to see “her” or you are going to miss out and really regret it. We are surrounded by sensationalized, desensitizing, dumbing down information from the media around us. It is there by default unless we intentionally unplug from it and plug into something else. An information stream I have plugged into over the last year that has really helped me improve my life is called Life-Leadership. They just recently released the first Pandora-like personal development app called Rascal Radio.

The Rascal Radio App has hundreds (soon to be thousands) of personal development and leadership trainings available to help leaders in any field, and anyone seeking to improve their life. And, all of the recordings can be accessed from a smart phone or computer. Imagine 24 hours per day 7 days per week having access to the leadership principles that have helped not only little guys like me, but have shot people to the top of the world leadership and success guru list. In fact, two of the top 11 of these gurus are the masterminds behind Rascal Radio. It will improve your life and move you closer to your true potential. It is an excellent replacement for the desensitizing media around us.

The media we plug into has a very direct influence on our life. If we spend our time “surfing the web”, it is just a matter of time before we bump into pornography. The people we spend time with also effects us. People tend to do what the people that they spend time with do. Through Rascal Radio you can spend time with successful people who live by correct principles. They will speak truth into your life on a wide range of subjects (faith, family, finance, following, freedom, friends, and fun). The principles taught in Rascal Radio are not hypothetical theories, but proven methods of leadership and self-improvement. It isn’t directed toward overcoming addiction, just living a good life and becoming better. Which happens to be something essential in overcoming addiction.

If one wants to navigate through the personal development minefield, then it only makes sense to learn from leaders who have successfully staked out the trail. Rascal Radio is the leadership game-changer for hungry students anywhere. Since Rascal Radio has genuinely helped me improve my marriage, elevate my thinking, feel more hope in life, and become a better leader, I feel I should share the power of Rascal Radio with you.

For only $49.95, a you have unlimited access to the best training from a multitude of top-selling authors and proven leaders. In other words, a person listening to two audios from Rascal Radio per day invest less than a dollar per training session! Where else can you get world-class content for less?

LIFE Leadership is on a mission to help all people improve their lives and leadership capacity; Rascal Radio is an international leadership tool to do just that. In fact, they are so convinced of the effectiveness of their leadership training that they are offering a 7 day FREE trial of Rascal Radio. Why? Because they know that any hungry person that listens to their material for several days will be convinced that applying the principles learned will radically change his or her life. Listening to this instead of other media will definitely make your journey out of addiction easier.

What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to watch a one minute video and get your FREE 7 day trial today and see the value for yourself. 🙂 And, like all LIFE products, if you are not completely satisfied LIFE Leadership provides a 30 day no-questions asked return policy.


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