Posted by: Arden Compton | February 12, 2014

Have Hope

The last few days I have been reading through blogs of people recovering from addiction. It has been very interesting to read. My heart goes out to all people struggling with addiction. Many of them spoke of their faith in Christ, of the desire to be free, their determination to stay strong. I know that most people struggling with addiction are good people who have wandered into dark paths seeking to get back to the light. I also felt some sadness for these people. Most of the blogs lacked true hope. Some expressed hope, but at the same time they were forecasting a long difficult road ahead. I can’t predict anyone’s life path, everyone of us has our own unique challenges, even though there is common ground as well. I wish that I could infuse the addiction recovery community with hope. Have hope! Trust in good things to come. Make the rest of your life the best of your life. I know that I have seen many people walk away from addiction, completely free, usually in just a few months. Abstinence is not a cure; all true healing comes through Christ. Christ can turn darkness into light. Some people express faith in Christ, and then turn around and talk about how they will always have this addiction in their life. Christ’s healing power is infinite, that includes addiction, all of the addiction. To say that once a person is an addict means they will always be an addict is saying that Christ can’t quite heal an addict. I believe he can, I know he can completely heal an addict! He can remove “addict” from a person’s identity so that it no longer describes them in any way! So, If you are an addict, have hope! This doesn’t have to be a life long struggle.


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