Posted by: Arden Compton | March 1, 2014


In dealing with addiction recovery, a person often struggles with feelings of discouragement. Long term struggles with many relapses can lead one to feel hopeless. To doubt that significant, lasting change is possible in their life. This is something most people experience in life, but perhaps moreso in addiction.

So to counter discouragement, I want to say a word of encouragement. Don’t give up! Know that when you are feeling discouraged, you are not connected to the truth of how God wants your life to be. God does not inspire with feelings of discouragement. When you feel that, you are being influenced by a dark source that wants to stop you from progressing. A source that wants you to feel stuck, hopeless, trapped, with no way of changing the situation. These thoughts and feelings are not from God, they are not in harmony with God’s truth.

God wants you to have hope. Christ taught that all things are possible to them that believe, and that includes addiction recovery. Some people want God to remove the challenge from their life, and they can’t understand why their sincere prayers seem to go unanswered. I can’t judge your life or your prayers, but I think God put us on a planet with challenges for a reason. If every time we ran into something challenging God removed it, that would interfere with the purpose of life. Imagine someone wanting to become a master piano player; their instructor is going to give them some difficult music to play. Once the student master’s one piece of music, the instructor gives them a more difficult piece of music. The student would never become a master piano player if the instructor removed every challenging piece of music. The instructor encourages the student, but the student has to take the necessary steps to increase in his/her capacity.

So in addiction recovery you have a significant challenge in front of you. Don’t give you, with God’s help you can get through this. You aren’t alone, even if it feels like it. You can get through this and live a life free of addiction!


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