Posted by: Arden Compton | April 1, 2014

Knowing about brain chemistry doesn’t change brain chemistry

As I study different material about addiction, much of it is focused on the effects of addiction on brain chemistry. Pornography use has a definite affect on the brain. However, knowing this doesn’t help to change brain chemistry. I know the basics of brain chemistry, but what I have found much more helpful to the addict is knowing how to correct what has happened to their brain. Most people who study brain chemistry think it is nearly impossible, or it will take a really long time for altered brain chemistry to return to normal.  That is an understandable conclusion, it’s just wrong. It’s like talking to someone from 1850 and telling them you can get from Washington DC to San Francisco in 4 hours on a air plane. To them that would be inconceivable.  Using their mode of transportation in would be impossible. But what if there was another way?  That is what I am suggesting. There are other Christ-centered tools that a person can learn to use that will help them return to normal brain chemistry much faster than most suspect is possible. Understanding brain chemistry isn’t necessary to learn these tools.

You might wonder what evidence I have that these tools help brain chemistry.   Something that is interesting in addiction, is that a person’s perception of a substance is altered. For instance, I have never been a beer drinker, and every time I have ever smelled beer it has been unpleasant. To me beer stinks. However, to an alcoholic who loves beer, somehow the smell is enticing. Where the smell repels me, it draws them in. I have seen an alcoholic with an open can of beer in front of him tell me how much he loves the smell of the beer and how much he wants it. Then he uses the Christ-centered tools I share with him, and within a half an hour as he smells his beer again he pulls a funny face and says,  “That kind of stinks… what did you do to my beer?.” His brain is now registering the truth about the smell of beer, and he has no desire to drink it. That tells me something in the brain chemistry has changed. I have seen the same type of response number of other addictions: pornography, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, food, and sugar. (I have not had experience in seeing people use these tools for hard core drug abuse). A person’s perception shifts very quickly from, “I really want and need this,” to, “I don’t want this, this is nasty.”  It is an amazing process. And it’s not me that’s amazing, it is simply applying correct principle with tools that work. For a person’s perception to change like that, something in the brain chemistry had to change as well. I my opinion results are the best indicator. Results don’t lie.

In pornography addiction as a person uses the tools I share with him, and image that used to cause arousal becomes distasteful. What used to trigger a person into relapse no longer affects the person. Once a change has occurred in the brain chemistry, it takes the wrestle out of the problem. It isn’t hard to resist something that is perceived as distasteful. When pornography is seen in light and truth it is distasteful and offensive. Instead of being drawn into it, a person’s response is more like, “Why would I want to look at that?” It takes women from being sex objects to the truth, and the former addict is able to remember that the women in the picture is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, a person in need of help. Instead of being blinded with lust, the former addict can remember his wife and children or other sacred commitments, and there is not desire to go near pornography. it is an amazing process to see this happen; I am always honored to play a role in it. If I can help you or anyone you know, please don’t hesitate to contact me. God bless you, Arden


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