Posted by: Arden Compton | April 3, 2014

What purpose would give your life meaning?

What inspires you? What dreams are in your heart? Maybe you don’t know, maybe your dreams are so deeply buried that you don’t know what they are.

Something that is common with most people involved in porn addiction is that they are pursuing paths of curiosity, entertainment, and pleasure, rather than pursuing a path of purpose. Some people recognize that they need to get porn or other addictions out of their life, but they don’t want to have to change other areas of their life. They want to keep the same friends, watch the same type of movies, and engage in the same entertainment/pleasure centered activities. People seem to feel entitled to entertainment.

To really become completely free from the pull of pornography isn’t just a matter of removing porn.  A person needs to become purpose driven. If a person’s purpose is entertainment, they will almost certainly end up looking at porn again. A person needs to connect with a greater purpose with passion. It needs to be something that is compelling, that captures the attention and imagination of the individual. Many people don’t have anything like that in their life. Many people go to work, and then come home and seek entertainment. There isn’t any big purpose in their life. There is a greater purpose in your life, I challenge you to find it! Here are some questions that may help you find your purpose:

If time and money were not limiting factors, what would I love to do?
What makes me smile?
What would I love to do that would make the world a better place?
What am I good at?
What do I enjoy doing?
What childhood dreams did I give up on?
Where am I gifted or talented?
What can I do that in some way is unique to me?
What do I care about in life?
What do I have passion for?
What can I do that I would feel excitement and enthusiasm for?

Be honest with yourself as you examine these questions. Some answers will come to mind quickly, others will come after a time of prayer and meditation.  Once you connect with your life purpose, and work passionately towards that purpose, a person is much less likely to wander off into pornography. FIND YOUR PURPOSE! LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE AND MEANING! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Life is so short, the seconds that slipped by yesterday are gone forever. What did you do with the seconds and the minutes of yesterday? Did it make a difference? Or were the opportunities to do good, the opportunities to bless another person’s life lost to meaningless entertainment and pornography?  There is nothing greater than to actively engaged in what you have been called to do! Find it and make it the reason you do what you do.  I often ask myself the question, “What is the best thing for me to do right now that will move me towards accomplishing my purpose?” As I come up with an answer, I take action in that direction, and it has never once included viewing porn.

Once you connect with your purpose, it will take time and energy to make it happen. You  may have to sacrifice the less significant things of your life. You may have to sacrifice money or other resources to accomplish your purpose. Be willing to change. Be willing to sacrifice some things that are fun to accomplish your purpose. I don’t know what it will be for you, but you may need to sacrifice a few ball games on TV. You may need to sacrifice time with your bowling league. You may need to sacrifice something that isn’t bad, to do something greater. Good can be the enemy of great. Don’t let the good things in your life, and of course the meaningless things in your life, keep you from your greater purpose! God sent you into this life with a purpose. As you live it, you will find that your life has greater meaning and joy. It is worth the sacrifice.


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