Posted by: Arden Compton | April 12, 2014

Entertainment Entitlement

As I visit with people dealing with sexual addictions, a common element is that they often get into trouble when they are seeking entertainment.  I have heard many accounts of people who were doing well, and then relapsed when they were online seeking entertainment, and then they saw something that lead them from one site to another until they found themselves engaging in pornography again. And then they wondered what happened. “How did I mess up?”

There seems to be a expectation in our culture that we are entitled to entertainment. Even when a person recognizes pornography shouldn’t be a part of his life, he still spends too much  time seeking to be entertained. This can be like a recovering alcoholic hanging out with his old friends in front of a bar. That just puts him way to close to the problem. If he spends time hanging out in front of the bar, the probability of eventually going in the bar and having a drink are significantly greater than if he were at home or engaged in a safe activity.

We are not entitled to entertainment. We don’t have to be constantly  entertained. That seems to be what many people think. When we can change our focus from seeking entertainment to being a purpose driven person, we are much less likely to engage in pornography. Instead of looking for something “fun”, ask yourself a question like, “What is the best thing for me to be doing right now?” or “What can I do to serve someone else right now?” or “What do I need to do to make this the best day ever?” “What can I do to move me closer to my goals and accomplish my greater life purpose?”  As you ponder these questions, and follow your inspiration, you won’t waste time seeking mindless entertainment.

The other day I was driving my kids to school, and m 15 year old daughter said, “Today is the only day that will ever be April 10, 2014. This day will never be on the calendar again. Let’s make it a great day.” I was surprised at her insight, she is exactly right. The moments of today will never come again, how will you spend them? Will your actions today make a difference in the life of someone else? Are you going to take advantage of opportunities to improve yourself and make the world a better place? Are you going to use your time the way you would if Christ was walking beside you? Or are you going to waste time seeking mindless entertainment that does nothing to help you live your life purpose? It can be a day that you will look back on with gratitude and a smile on your face, or it can be a day you look back on with shame and regret. It can be a day where you took action to make something happen, or it can be a day where you wonder what happened.

There is a time and a place for entertainment. But in my opinion, healthy entertainment will involve other people and  bring us closer to them. It will strengthen relationships, rather than weaken them.  Think about that the next time you start to surf the internet.   Have a great day!



  1. I agree and understand that very well.
    As a recovering Porn addict I have seen how dangerous it is. I hope you can all get help from this! Especially those who are struggling right now

    • Thanks for you comment. There is hope for every recovering addict to become a recovered addict.

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