Posted by: Arden Compton | April 25, 2014

Ponography, the Holocaust and Humanity

I remember seeing some pictures of World War 2 Holocaust victims. One was a picture of a group of naked women; I believe they were in line for the gas chambers. They were probably dead shortly after the picture was taken. What do you think my reaction to this picture was? It made me sad, it pulled at my heart strings. It is hard for me to describe all that I felt with this image. One thing I know I didn’t feel was lust. I mention this because some men seem to think that if there is a naked women they are powerless, they have to give in to lust. Some men rationalize that there is nothing they can do about feeling lust and sexual arousal at images of naked women. But can you imagine someone being aroused looking at naked women heading for death in a gas chamber? Why is that this brings no arousal or lust? I believe it is because in this situation we see the humanity of these women. We don’t see them as sex objects, we see them as victims that have had their lives stolen from them. Since we see them as people, we are more likely to feel compassion for them. Pornography dehumanizes women, it turns them into objects rather than women with real lives that probably need help. The inhumanity of pornography! It turns women into objects that have no worth as a person.

Men do have a choice in their response to pornography. If a man can see the women in those images like the women I saw lined up for the gas chamber, then a man can feel compassion rather than lust for the woman. Even if the women in porn don’t know it, they are much like the Holocaust women. Both have been stripped of their humanity. Let’s restore their humanity and see them as real people. It is someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone who wants to be loved and accepted unconditionally. They are women who are hurting, whether they know it or not. They need our prayers, not our lust.

What if while looking at porn you saw the picture of a close family member? What would your reaction be? Would it still be lust? Or would you be alarmed? Would you be concerned for this family member? Again, here is a situation where you would see the women in the picture as a human, and in that light there is concern and compassion rather than lust.  If you are tempted to look at porn, try saying a prayer… not for you, but for the girls in the pictures. Remind yourself of their humanity and the love that God has for them.


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