Posted by: Arden Compton | April 29, 2014

What if I miss out on something?

Something I have seen in many addicts that keep them coming back is the lure that there will be something more exciting with the next image. Often there is the fear, “What if I miss out on something?” They have to click to one more image because they don’t want to miss out. What if that next image is somehow the best one ever, maybe that next image is going to make me feel so amazing in some way. Maybe I will experience something with the next one that makes me feel better than all the rest.  So the search for that illusive image continues. But as I mentioned in the post The Parables of Pornography it is a mirage, and you are never going to get what you really need the most. Men (and women) waste their lives away clicking or watching, and then have to watch more just in case they are missing out on something.

What people really need in their life is love and acceptance, with no strings attached. People need to connect to their life purpose. People need meaningful relationships. People want to be happy, and feel that their life has meaning. Somehow people get off track trying to find this in pornography. They may not realize is what they are searching for. But it is when a person discovers who he/she really is, and their relationship with God, and the purpose of their existence, that they can truly be at peace and let go of hunting for excitement in all the wrong places.


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