Posted by: Arden Compton | May 5, 2014

Goal Setting Basics

From the book Leadership and Liberty by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, a product of Life Leadership:

Goal setting is something everyone has heard of and very few actually do. Of those of us that practice it, or try to, on a regular basis, many of us fall into some traps along the way. But goal setting done properly can invigorate and produce incredible results. Don’t be like the average person out there who isn’t striving for anything, who lets life simply parade on by, who doesn’t exercise his or her gifts to the fullest exertion, and realizes toward the end or his or her life that most of it has passed. Goal setting is a way to keep positive pressure on one’s self. It is a way to make sure we are living while we are alive. And it is actually quite fun, believe it or not!

Here are some guidelines to proper foal setting:

1. Goals should be realistic but challenging: a goal should be something that you actually believe you can accomplish, but at the same time, it should put a little fear into you that it will require significant effort on your part to accomplish.
2. Goals should be specific: General goals have no power to inspire. Specific goals leave you no place to hide.
3. Goals should be written down and displayed where you can’t forget about them: a goal not written down is simply a wish. Once written, however, a goal becomes “official” and remains on display t keep you in the game.
4. Goals should be measurable: There is no sense in setting a goal if you have no concrete way of measuring your progress toward that goal. Make sure goals are measurable, and check your progress regularly.
5. Goals should be in line with your overall purpose: One of the biggest challenges in lief is not succeeding, but succeeding at something that really matters! Don’t get sucked into setting goals for accomplishment in areas that are not your heart’s desire. You only have one life, God built you for a specific purpose, figure out that purpose and pursue it with all you’ve got! THEN set goals in that area! Remember, only do what you were built to do. Leave everyone else’s agenda to them.
6. Goals should stand alone: What I mean by this is that some people set too many goals. They set goals in different areas, at different levels, and before very long at all, they are confused by them all. this is not the way to set goals. The secret of success is to focus. One dominant, overriding goal will produce creativity and action. So keep it simple and singular.
7. Goals should be short-term enough to put pressure on you today: A “someday” goal will not work, and is nothing more than a fantasy. A goal must put you in positive tension today, or it is not functioning properly. If you have set your goal out there far enough that you think, “Well, I can get starred on that tomorrow and still have time to accomplish it,” then you’ve set it too far out on the calendar.
8. Goals should have a specific date of accomplishment: This goes with number 7 above. Make sure you have a finish line marked on your calendar.

There is much more to goal setting, but for me, these are he high points. Follow these, and you’ll be on your way to achievement and significance. Neglect this technique, and you’ll waste days, if not years, that you’ll never get back. What is your overriding goal right now? If you don’t have one, set it quickly and get after it. The clock is ticking!



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