Posted by: Arden Compton | May 7, 2014

Joy vs. Pleasure

One of the things that lures people into pornography and other addictions is seeking for pleasure, while forfeiting joy.
Pleasure tends to be selfish in nature. When seeking for pleasure a person tends to only care about being entertained and satisfied in the present moment. When seeking pleasure the future doesn’t matter, relationships don’t matter, nothing matters except feeling pleasure in the present. In this mode a person is not willing to abstain from pleasure in the present for greater joy in the future. Pleasure demands immediate gratification, at all costs. In that mindset nothing else matters, the person is not able to exercise faith that something more rewarding will come in life by sacrificing pleasure in the present. It is selfish in nature, and drives a person inward, seemingly unaware of the havoc his or her actions are creating in the world around them. It takes no effort to find pleasure in pornography, any weak willed man can have it.
Experiencing true joy on the other hand requires self discipline and the ability to delay gratification. It requires faith in something beyond the pleasure of the moment. The greatest joys in life come in healthy, loving relationships, and giving genuine service to others. Creating a joyful life requires sacrifice at times; the pleasure mindset isn’t willing to sacrifice anything.
Living a joyful life requires hard work and planning. It requires exercising faith in the future, believing that as you sacrifice pleasure in the moment the rewards of success in relationships, health, faith, and professionally will be well worth the sacrifice. Be willing to delay gratification, work hard, and make any sacrifice necessary to live your life purpose, what you were made to do!



  1. I like what you write here, and yes, seeking pleasure at the moment through pornography is very easy. However, it can’t drive a person inward or make future happiness impossible. On the other hand, delay of some desire for too long may lead to extreme stress (when you know that the desire is attainable through simple means). So I encourage adjustment, not self – prohibition.

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