Posted by: Arden Compton | June 27, 2014

Real results

Here is an email I recently received. His comments show the significant improvement he has experienced using this system. He hasn’t had a perfect record, but has much greater hope that he can finish this off.

Hi Arden, I hope you’ve been well and I look forward to our session on Friday. Things have been going really well for me, I’ve steered clear of relapsing and I’m now back over a month clean. I estimate that in the past 100 days I’ve viewed about 20 minutes of porn. In the 100 days before that I probably viewed 20+ hours, and in certain 100 day stretches in the past I easily topped 200 hours. I owe a large part of this progress to the tools you have shared with me.  Most of the time, the idea of porn now has very little charge, if any at all.  – David, San Jose, CA


I love receiving emails like this. When a person gets to a point where porn has no charge, no pulling power, then abstaining from it is no  longer a problem.

If you would like porn to no longer have any pulling power in your life, please get in touch with me. I would to help you experience complete freedom from addictive cravings. This is  possible for you!






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