Posted by: Arden Compton | August 31, 2014

Truth Will Set You Free

In the Bible Jesus said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (New Testament, John 8:32)

How does the truth set a person free? When it comes to addiction, especially pornography addiction, see the problem in light and truth is very liberating. The lie is that pornography is pleasurable, that it isn’t hurting anyone, that helps a person to cope with stress, loneliness, hurt, rejection, boredom, and other unpleasant feelings & circumstances. The truth is that pornography is degrading to women. It wastes time and money. It is completely selfish and does nothing to improve the life of the person viewing, the life of the people in the pictures, or make the world a better place. No one has a better marriage because of porn, the truth is that it tears families apart. When a person is engaged in pornography, good opportunities are missed. Opportunities to learn, to serve, to improve, to succeed, to really live a meaningful life. No person of great accomplishment has done it because they were viewing pornography. The truth is that it sabotages everything good in life. Everything that we think it helps, it makes worse. It may seem to help with stress in the short run, but while a person is viewing porn, the problems creating stress go unattended, and things get worse instead of better. If a person is viewing because they feel lonely, now they are more alone than ever. Porn is never the solution, it just makes everything worse.

Also understanding the truth of what is happening on a spiritual level will help to set you free. In the post “Why You Can’t Stop” I emphasize the role that other spirits are playing in addiction. This isn’t a popular idea, most people think it is weird, but once people understand the truth of what is happening, and address this element of the problem with Christ’s help, they are set free! If you don’t address this aspect of the problem, it doesn’t go away. Disagreeing with the truth doesn’t help, the truth will stand on its own.

So I encourage you to read through this blog, understand the truth of what is happening with porn and other addictions, contact me if needed, so you can be free!




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