Posted by: Arden Compton | September 5, 2014

Who and what is influencing you?

Have you ever noticed that people tend to do what the people they spend time with are doing?

When my son Peter was in high school, he wanted to get a long-board (a long skate board). Guess why? Because several of his friends had long-boards, and he wanted to go long-boarding with his friends. He spend a fair amount of time earning the money and figuring out which-long board to get. In the end I think he got 3 long boards, each unique and better for riding in certain circumstances.

I share that with you because this principle is common among all people. People tend to do what the people they spend time with are doing. Birds of a feather flock together. So, who do you spend time with… or ‘what’ are you spending time with?

If you spend time watching TV, you are spending time with TV characters, and advertisers. They will tell you what is important in your life. They will tell you which TV shows, ballgames, products, and movies are important. They will make it seem so important that you just can’t miss it. You begin doing what the people you spend time with are telling you is important. Just like my son Peter, his friends convinced him that having a long-board was a necessity, he worked hard and sacrificed to get one. He changed his priorities to make sure he got what they said he should have. In this case, having a long-board was actually a good thing. He and his friends have some memories tied to long-boarding road trips that they will cherish for a life time. But if you spend time with the media (TV, internet sites, radio), you will likely find yourself making things a priority that shouldn’t be. If you follow hollywood celebrities, the media makes you think that what is happened in their lives is all important for you to know. It isn’t; if you never find out what happened in the divorce of your favorite celebrity, your life will be just fine. You don’t need to know most of what the media tells you that you need to know. If you never find out what happens in the next episode of your favorite TV program, your life can move along just fine. If you never find out who won that ball game, your life can still be excellent. If you never see that image of the girl they tell you that you have to see, your life will  be significantly better.

One of the things the keeps people slipping back into pornography, is that they try to quit pornography, but they don’t change who and what they are spending time with. They still connect to the same media sources that tell them looking at these images is important, something they can’t miss out on. The media builds it up the curiosity, they give you some tag lines like, “Shocking photo of …..”, or “You have got to see what these girls were willing to do….”, and so on. The media is like a fisherman casting out his lure. He will cast it out there time after time until he gets a bite. If you are where the lure is being cast, eventually you will bite.  If you spend time with the world’s media, they will lure you back into pornography. The major media around us is so desensitizing, we are hardly aware of it.

I encourage you to spend time with people and media sources that elevate your mind, encourage you to seek for excellence in your life. You can spend time with people who have achieved excellence in their lives by reading their books. You can learn from someone like Benjamin Franklin by reading his biography. You can learn from the greatest minds that have ever lived by reading their words. I challenge you to read, listen, watch, and associate with sources that help you be the best you can be. Life is too short to waste time on anything that pulls you down, or that desensitizes you and keeps you from accomplishing your life mission. Think about how you want to be as a person, and how you want your life to be. Define where you are going, and spend time with people, books and other sources that can help you get where you want to go.

FYI, a group that has created an excellent system for you to read, listen, and associate with sources of excellence, is Life Leadership. If you would like to learn more click here




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