Posted by: Arden Compton | September 18, 2014

Stand up for what is right, be true to what you know is true

Here is a link to article about an Noelle Pikus-Pace, and olympic medal winner who was asked to wear a revealing dress in a photo shoot. But this women had standards, and didn’t allow the media buzz around her to determine her values. Read this inspiring article about how in a moment of decision she stood for what she new was right! She was able to do it because the decision had already been made long before. She new what her standards were. Don’t wait for the moment of crisis to make a decision, know what you believe, be true to what you know is true. Decide ahead of time that you will do what you know is right!

Click here to see the article





  1. This is inspiring. It also reminds me that we never know just how long our tests are going to last. This one came in an instant and when she made the right choice she was rewarded in the blink of an eye and for ever after.

    • So true! Thanks for your comment!

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