Posted by: Arden Compton | September 24, 2014

It Takes Courage!

When struggling with addiction, it takes courage to get help. Often a person will be in denial for a period of time, not even realizing that they have an addiction. Once a person recognizes they have an addiction, they often try to work through it on their own. No one likes to admit they need help. However when it comes to overcoming addiction, almost everyone needs some help.
I was discussing this earlier today with a client who told me he had my number for about a month before he called me. In a text he said,

“Great session! My problem in calling was that I have tried everything and anything and felt like you were just going to be another gimmick of sorts. I am now really glad that I did call. This IS exactly what I needed in every way. Thank you and God bless and keep you and your family for what you do.”

If you are struggling with addiction, please have the courage to contact me. God has blessed me with the tools to help you be free amazingly fast! Wherever you are, I can help you on phone, facetime, or skype.

Phone: 435-890-4737


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