Posted by: Arden Compton | September 28, 2014

Heaven is Real

I just watch the DVD of the movie Heaven is Real. It is the story of a four-year-old boy who has a near death experience, and is able to see Jesus, angels, and loving family members. The father of this for four old boy has some struggles in how to respond to his son’s experience but ultimately believes his son and tells the world that heaven is real. Near the end of the movie he poses a question, which I paraphrase; he asks, “If we really believe that Heaven is real would we live the way that we are living?”
That is a profound question. So many of us live only for today, forgetting that our actions today have eternal consequences. We given in to the illusion that all there is the world we can assess with our physical senses. The truth is that we perceive very little of what is with her physical senses, there is so much more! There is so much more to live for than the pleasure of now. Often a person with addiction loses site that there is something worth sacrificing for. All that seems to matter is immediate pleasure and gratification in the present. We need to remember that Heaven is real, and there’s so much more to live for. What if George Washington’s main objective had been pleasure in the present moment, would we have ever heard of his name? Would he have ever made the sacrifices he made, would he have ever spent the winter at Valley Forge with his soldiers for a cause that seem nearly hopeless? He had a purpose that meant enough to him, that he was willing to sacrifice his own personal pleasure, for this much greater cause. Because of his willingness to serve and sacrifice, we still honor him today. Do you have a cause, a purpose that is bigger than you, for what you were willing to sacrifice and delay gratification for? If not, then you need to find one. Life is short and if you are not living your life with purpose and passion, then you’re missing out on the life that God means for you to live. If addiction is a challenge in your life, then it is certainly sabotaging the greater purpose of your life. Remember that Heaven is real, God is real and that you are here for a purpose! Find it and live the life that God intends for you to live. It probably won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! God bless you!



  1. Finding a higher purpose was a key to finding sobriety.

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