Posted by: Arden Compton | October 3, 2014

The Pain of Changing

Whenever a person works on improving himself, moving outside his comfort zone, it always takes effort. It is uncomfortable to move outside of one’s comfort zone. There is pain associated with letting go of the old, and moving on to the new. We are comfortable with what is familiar, and even if we want something better, since it is unfamiliar we are uncomfortable with it.

The story is told of two friends who sat on front porch talking. Every once in a while a dog sitting on the porch would whimper in pain. The guest asked,
“What is wrong with your dog?”
“Oh, he laid down on a nail,” said the owner.
“Why doesn’t he move?”
“I guess it doesn’t hurt bad enough.”

If the pain of staying the same is less than the pain of changing, people don’t change.
If you could see how much porn hurts you, you would be willing to make any needed change to get up off that nail and get it out of your life. It would be easier to stay where you are, even though it causes you to whimper in pain every once in a while. It will take effort to get up and make the needed changes, it might not be easy, but it will be worth it! Greater peace and happiness lie in your future if you will risk getting out of your comfort zone, and do what you know is right, be true to what you know is true! It takes all you got to live up to the best it’s within you, but with God’s help you can do it!


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