Posted by: Arden Compton | October 7, 2014

Consistent Results

As I coach people struggling with addiction, I see consistent results with almost everyone I work with. I am going to type below the results that I had from a man I visited with yesterday, this was his first visit. What you will see are statements with numbers next to them. 10 meaning the statement has a strong charge for the person zero meaning the statement has no charge, or feels false to the person.

Arousal to an image in his mind: 7, 3-4, 1, 0
Fear of a relapse: 5,4,0
Porn is stronger than me: 6,5,3,1,0
Once I start I can’t stop looking: 10,5,0
Pornography helps me escape: 8,5,0
Porn tells me escape stress: 8, 5,1,0
Porn help me feel better when I feel down: 10,5,0
Feeling hopeless, stuck, and trapped in this problem: 10,9, 2,1,0
I am an addict: 10, 5,2,1

You see that most of the numbers started high, and as we worked through the process the numbers progressively dropped. This visit took about two hours. This person responded a little better than average, but these are the results I consistently see when addicts use the right Christ-centered tools. Some take 2-6 visits to make as much progress as he did, but as long as we stay consistent, and the person wants to change, we always get there. I’m not suggesting that one visit is all this man will need, we will follow up to make sure that he does well in the long run, but in just one visit everything about his addiction felt dramatically different. The arousal he felt on the image that he first imagined went completely away. If a person’s addiction no longer has any pull on them, then it is really easy to make the right choice. The Christ-centered tools I share with those I coach takes the wrestle out of the problem and in a short period of time the former addict is free to move forward in life without the shackles of addiction.
If you would like to be free from addiction, please contact me. With the right tools and God’s help, you can be free sooner than you think!
God bless you!
Arden Compton

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