Posted by: Arden Compton | October 8, 2014

God Is A Tough Coach, A Loving Teacher

At times in life we get discouraged because things are hard. We can get frustrated, and begin feeling helpless and stuck because it doesn’t look like things are going to get better. We wonder why life is so hard, and view our hardships as bad.
This is very normal, but I want to suggest a different perspective. Whenever I had a coach, my coach has challenged me to become better. When I ran on the track and cross-country team in high school, my coach pushed me to run harder than I wanted to. He didn’t allow me to stay in my comfort zone and run at a pace that would be easy for me. My comfort was not his first priority, he was interested in helping me becoming an excellent runner. He stretched me to the limits of my capacity, so that I could increase my capacity. If he only wanted to make me comfortable, I would’ve never improved.
God is a tough coach. He’s more interested in helping us increase our capacity, and becoming what we have the potential to become, than our comfort level. Sometimes we think God doesn’t care about our problems, but he loves us enough to let us work through our problems so that we can grow in the process. He doesn’t want us to be miserable, he wants us to learn to be happy in imperfect circumstances. We want life to be easy, we want all our problems to go away. No one likes having problems. But what we view as bad problems, are the perfect challenges to help us learn, grow, progress, and reach our potential. To become what God wants us to become. I think sometimes we pray and beg God to fix our problems, or to remove our problems, but with compassion God looks at our circumstances and says, “But what would you become if I removed this challenge from your life? I love you too much to make it easy on you.”
God sees what we can become and is giving us the perfect circumstances in life for our learning, growth and progression. I don’t think he has any desire to see us in pain, but he loves us enough to let us struggle until we learn the lesson that is for our highest good. Can you imagine a math teacher that solved the difficult problems for the students, so that things wouldn’t be too hard for them? Would they ever really learn what they need to learn? Or can you imagine a piano teacher, that never gave her student a challenging piece of music? Of course a good piano teacher will give the student something that requires practice, patience and diligence to master. Once the student has mastered that piece of music, then the piano teacher gives the student an even more difficult piece of music. The piano student never gets to a point where the teacher says, “You’ve done so well, from now on I’m only going to give you music that easy for you to play.” If a piano teacher did that, the student would stop progressing. We all have infinite room to improve and progress. God is interested in helping us reach our full potential, and as a loving teacher, a tough coach, he’s going to give us the perfect challenges to help us continue to grow and become what he sees we can become. Here we have to trust that all of this adversity in life really is meant to be for our good and that from our vantage point, we can’t see the master plan, we can’t see what God is helping us to become. Our true divine potential is far beyond what we can see in this life.
So be at peace, as you work through the painful experiences of life, trust in God, trust in Jesus Christ and trust that all the difficulties will be for your good.


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