Posted by: Arden Compton | October 10, 2014

What if you had a Ferrari

What if you had a Ferrari? Just in case you didn’t know, a Ferrari is a very expensive, and somewhat rare high-performance sports car.
Because of the cost and the rare nature of a Ferrari, people who own one are generally very meticulous about how they take care of it. They will use only the best gasoline, oil and any other product that affects its performance; maintaining optimal performance is important. They usually keep them shiny and clean on the inside and the outside. They’re very careful about where they park; they don’t want someone else’s car door to put a ding in their beautiful Ferrari. They do whatever they can to keep the car looking good and running good for as long as possible.

What if people were as careful with their minds as Ferrari owners are with their cars? Do we put things in our mind that lowers our performance? Do we put low quality material in our minds? Do we allow our minds to get dirty? Our minds are infinitely more valuable than any car, why don’t we treat them like the priceless possession they are? We should fill our minds with light and truth. We should constantly be connecting to information that inspires, encourages, and motivates us. A Ferrari owner would never think that one oil change would be good enough. He is going to keep repeating the activities needed to keep his car running good. We need to keep repeating that activities that inspire our minds. We need to be constantly reminded of the truth of who we are and what is most important in life, because we have a media culture that is constantly bombarding us with distracting messages, with fear-based-dumbing-down information that only limits our capacity to perform. We need high octane information that helps us move forward in the best way possible. We need to immerse ourselves in acts of service, and read daily from the best books. Great books provide an opportunity to learn from the greatest minds that have walked on our planet. We will never get to talk with Benjamin Franklin, but he left his thoughts for us in books. Why not glean wisdom from those who succeeded in the ways we want to succeed? Wouldn’t that help is get through the learning curve of life with fewer bumps an bruises? We can learn from almost anyone in history that we want to. Of course the life we should study the most is the life of Jesus Christ.

“Wouldn’t it be a thrilling experience to go an stand on the very spot of ground where Jesus stood, while we undertook to capture the spirit of his life. Or we may go into Gethsemane and kneel on the spot where under the burden of our sins he sweat great drops of blood at every pore. And while it may not be practical to walk today where Jesus walked, there is something much more important that we can do and that is, we can think what Jesus thought. We can fill our minds and actuate our lives with the very attitudes that made him the Master of men.” – Sterling W Sill


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