Posted by: Arden Compton | October 13, 2014

Are you on the right bus?

Once there was a man who thought he was on a bus to Detroit, but was actually on a bus to Kansas City. Once he got to Kansas City, he was shocked at his mistake. “How could this have happened?” he wondered to himself.
Sometimes in life we don’t realize where we are going, we just go about our daily routine, little realizing where the path we are on will end up. Of course we all want to have a good life, we want happy relationships, we want true spirituality, we want prosperity, we want to live a meaningful, purposeful life. But how many of us are on that bus?
People get married with the hopes of a happy marriage. But sadly more than half are on a bus that leads to divorce. Most don’t seem to realize the first steps the put them on that bus.
It is often the same thing with addiction. No one gets up in the morning with the goal to become an addict that day. But if a person isn’t careful, he can take the first steps that put him on the bus to addiction. It may be his intention to live that happy, well rounded life, but is it is our actions that count, not our intentions. Can we have the foresight to look down the road of life and see where the choices we are making now will lead us? If a person never takes that first drink, or smokes that first cigarette, or takes that first look at pornography, then the roads that lead to addiction in those areas aren’t available. But once a person takes his first step on one of these paths, he’s getting on the bus that will lead him to where he doesn’t want to be. And he probably won’t realize it until he gets there, and then in shock wonder how it happened.
Have the wisdom to look down the road of life, and make choices now that will prevent you from unhappy circumstances, and help to keep you on the straight narrow path to eternal life.
Of course if you discover you are on the wrong bus, you still have a chance to make a course correction. There is still hope for healing and change.


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