Posted by: Arden Compton | June 3, 2015

Arm Your Kids for the Battle

Many times I have been contacted by parents who have discovered that their teen-age child has been viewing pornography. This happens in families of every faith, income level, or any other classification. It happens in families to diligently teach their children to abstain from pornography. I visit with many young men who “knew better”, but find themselves going there anyway. No family can be too careful. We don’t need to fear, we just need to pay close attention to what our children have access to, and develop good relationships with our children so they feel safe coming to us when they encounter pornography; they will encounter pornography. Parents should let their children know ahead of time that they should come and talk about it when this happens. Far too many teens struggle with shame in the dark, afraid to tell anyone; wanting to stop and yet going back again and again to what they know they shouldn’t be doing.

Here is a link to an article: Arm Your Kids for the Battle

While there are no “silver bullets” here that will guarantee your children will stay safe and make good choices, this is good information on what is going on.


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