Posted by: Arden Compton | May 21, 2016

Chasing Rainbows

Have ever seen a nearby rainbow and went to where you thought the end of the rainbow was? Was it there when you got there? Of course not. Once you got to where you thought the end of the rainbow, you found nothing. Perhaps you can still see the rainbow, only now it looks like the end is somewhere else. Let’s say you quickly drive to where you see the end of the rainbow; once again it isn’t there. You could spend all day trying to get to the end of the rainbow to find the proverbial pot of gold, but it isn’t going to happen.

Do we do this in life sometimes? The world offers us happiness in certain activities, or promise happiness if you buy a certain product. Perhaps you are told you will be happy once you have the right job, or live in the right house in the right neighborhood, or once you have that one car, or where a certain style of clothing, or have the newest-coolest electronic device.

Guess what? Wherever you go, there you are. And if you weren’t happy before, chances are you won’t be happy once you get somewhere else. Happiness can be like the end of the rainbow. People pursue looking in all kinds of places the world says will bring pleasure. But happiness is found having things, or pursuing pleasure.

Happiness can only be found living lives in harmony with God’s laws of happiness. Coming to know our Creator and understanding our true diving nature as children of God are essential for true lasting happiness.  We find happiness by giving it out to others. True joy is a gift from God. We can do things that are “fun”, but the happiness only lasts as long as the activity, sometimes it doesn’t come at all. We are happy when we give happy. Gratitude and self-less service are also essential elements to happiness. When we live with appreciation for all we have, even our adversity, we are happy in life. When we give self-less service motivated by love, we can’t help but have a smile on our face.

Another element of happiness is living with purpose, being engaged in purposeful activities that align with our God-given purpose. We all have a purpose in life, if we are not connected to it, we are less likely to feel fulfilled and happy. When we connect to our purpose, it brings hope and enthusiasm into our life. We are much more likely to be happy in whatever course of action we may take.

So don’t waste time on things that don’t bring joy. I’m not saying you can’t buy anything nice, or do anything “fun”. But prioritize your life and spend the most time on things that really matter the most.

Eliminate from your life the chasing of harmful rainbows. Pornography is a dark rainbow that millions waste their lives pursuing. Much of the entertainment that our media culture offers is also a waste of the precious minutes of our lives.


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