Posted by: Arden Compton | December 24, 2016

The Enslavement Of Pleasure Island

images  I was recently visiting with a man who told me he would do anything to get pornography out of his life. He was sick of it; it hurt his marriage, his self-esteem, his career,  his connection with God. Yet, he still went back to it over and over again. As I began working with him, one of the factors that we discovered was that even though he swore he would do anything to get rid of it, another part of him really enjoyed it and didn’t want to let it go.  It was his escape from the pain of life, the responsibilities of life, and sometimes the boredom of life. He could escape into a world with no penalties, only pleasure. He hungered for freedom from responsibility, freedom to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, with whatever woman he wanted to be with.  This was complete ecstasy for him, and a part of him just didn’t want to part with this pleasure.

I helped him address this with a combination of visualization exercises and EFT tapping exercises.  Ultimately he came to see that this world of pleasure that he escaped to was much like Pleasure Island from the Disney movie Pinocchio. There is the promise of unrestrained fun and pleasure. Do whatever you want with no negative consequences.  However, the story of Pinocchio illustrates very accurately that such a place only leads to enslavement, captivity, loss of freedom.  What the Adversary sells us on is ‘complete freedom.’  What the person gets is bondage in the chains of addiction, and ultimately the loss of everything in life that brings true meaning and joy.

After working through the exercises on this, his desire for “Pleasure Island” went from a 10 to a zero. He could see it for the slave camp that it was and didn’t want to be a part of it in any way.  It is important to note that as we work through these exercises, the person doesn’t just gain conscious awareness of it, but has a deeper subconscious, spiritual shift. Conscious awareness is important, but not enough to help a person truly break free.  In the visualization exercise portion of this, my client saw Jesus Christ cutting the subtle, yet strong, cords of addiction and truly setting him free.  My client felt a great cleansing of his soul and the desire for Pleasure Island was truly removed from him.  It is Christ that offers the true freedom that we are seeking.

I am pasting below three short youtube clips I found from Pinocchio on Pleasure Isand. There is much we can learn about addiction (and similar behavior) from these clips.  It is interesting to me that Pinocchio had come to see the other boy was his best friend, which is often how a person comes to feel about an addiction.  Enjoy!



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