About Dr. Arden Compton

The first thing I want you to know about me is that I love helping people break free from pull of pornography! It brings me great joy when I see a person regain hope in their life. That really pushes my smile button!  Sometimes when I tell a person that I empower addicts to become free of pornography addiction, they think that it must be unpleasant work; but to me it is invigorating. It is hard to describe the joy I feel when I see someone I am coaching tell me that pornography no longer has any pull in their life. When they tell me that opportunities for to view pornography pass by, and after the fact they realize that used to be a situation that would trigger them, but not any more. I love it when a person tells me they feel clean and in control. I love it when a person is truly free of pornography addiction and no longer needs my services, and they are free to move on and live a happy, productive, purposeful life with healthy, meaningful relationships that are truly joyful!

In my education I have a degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy, and have received extensive training in the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  I coauthored the book, “Freedom From the Plague, Overcoming Pornography Addiction Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)” with my wife Cheryl.   I have also contributed many videos to youtube showing people how to use EFT. I am thankful that many people access these videos for free.

I am happily married to my wife Cheryl. We have seven wonderful, robust children.

As a christian, I consider myself a deeply spiritual man, and recognizes that every good thing comes from Jesus Christ. I have learned that it is in using Christ-centered tools that directly access the power of Christ’s infinite atonement that a person can break free of pornography addiction. Without bringing Jesus Christ into my work, those I coach would not see the amazing results that they do. The victory belongs to God.

Aside from the work I do, there are many activities that I enjoy;  jogging, ballroom dance, volleyball, racquetball,  basketball, ultimate frisbee, snow skiing, and beauty’s of nature wherever they are found.

It is important that you know I am not a licensed counselor, therapist,psychiatrist or medical provider. I honor the work that they do, but I don’t do what they do. My approach is way outside the box. My approach is so different, it should not be categorized as “counseling” or “therapy”.  The material on this blog is for your education, it is not a substitute for help from those licensed in these fields. Please consult with a licensed professional in seeking help. You are responsible for your use of the information on this blog.



  1. Arden did a wonderful job helping me with porn addiction. You have to be open minded and give his methods a chance. I have been addicted to lust and porn for 30 years. Nothing else has worked but his methods really do!

  2. Arden Compton helped me a lot! He’s definitely one of the kindest people you will meet.

    His experience in EFT has set him up to help anyone.

    Double bonus: he has the heart of a teacher.

    • Thank you Lige, I appreciate your kind words. It is always an honor to play a role in helping someone regain their freedom. God bless you! Arden

  3. Hello Dr. Compton, I would like to make an appointment with you but keep getting a non working number. Where can I call to make an appointment?
    I met you and your wife several years ago when we took a class together from Corey Sondrup.

  4. Can I make two appointments please? My name is Ashley Campbell.

    • Hi Ashley, I will be happy to visit with you and your daughter. Why don’t you call me or text me at 435-890-4737 and we can set something up.

  5. A while back I listened to a call of Tony Litster’s conversation with Arden Compton. I figured, “Hey, if Arden has a 90% success rate with guys with porn addiction, why not give him a try?” I called him and we met for about 3 months. I have been addicted to porn and masturbation for over 25 years. I started at 14 and am now 43 years old. I’ve spent about 13 of those years in various forms of recovery groups, 12 step groups, and counseling. After meeting with Arden I am not only sober, but have been essentially craving free for the last 5 months! This guy is incredible, and the tools and techniques he teaches are easily carried forward into the rest of life!

    Thank you so much for your work Arden. I have never felt so free and empowered to a life without sexual addiction!

    • Thanks Duane! I am so glad to know you are doing so well. I hope the rest of your life is the best of your life! God bless you my friend! – Arden

  6. Hi! I had a doubt. I saw your EFT porn craving video. So got this doubt that it saved me from touching myself twice when i was aroused. But if i continue relying on the video only, won’t its effectiveness decrease over time.

    • Hi Law, I am glad the video helped and thanks for your question. I can understand you concern, but actually if you will do this consistently over time, you should find that the problem is growing weaker and weaker. It is important to stay consistent for a while. You may need to vary from exactly what I am saying on the video to correctly identify what you are feeling. For instance, let’s say you feel rejected and that leads you to act out; you may need to tap on the feelings of rejection… or whatever it may be. But as you consistently do this, and tap on any underlying emotions that are pushing you the wrong way, you can find complete freedom. If you want me to help, feel free to contact me, I work with people all over the world so wherever you are we can connect. I hope the very best for! You can be completely free! God bless you! Arden

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