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Dr. Arden Compton
649 N. Main St
Brigham City, UT 84302




  1. I would like to find out about any seminars hosted in the Houston, Texas area. Also how do I set up an appointment, specifically what steps do I need to follow? Thanks

    • Hi Andy,
      I Currently have nothing scheduled in Houston. You can set an appointment with me by corresponding through this blog, email, or by phone. We simply need to agree on a time that we can meet either via the phone or a web-cam connection. Your time zone is an hour later than mine. This week I have 5:00 my time open on Wednesday (Sept 2) and Thursday. Let me know if either of those times will work for you. If not, we will need to look at next week.
      Let me know if you any further questions, I am here to help.
      God bless you,
      Dr. Arden Compton

  2. Just wanted to write this down as a testimonial to the work and technique of Dr. Compton to all those who are also enveloped in a pornography addiction and might be on the fence about seeking outside assistance.

    Hopefully my story will resonate with many reading here. Yes, as I shake my head to say I was addicted to Porn. Familiar with the sense that once it hits it takes over despite my best intentions, despite my will to never again, etc. A cycle that repeated for some 20 years. The one thing I will say is that I had never reached out to another to stop till Dr Compton (no real desire or power to quit apparently).

    A couple of months ago I ran across Dr Compton’s site and reading the material really hit me. There was a passage from a book about disembodied spirits getting off on the individuals addiction. Fueling as well as embellishing in the energetic lust. This passage did 2 things. Scared the hell out of me that there were these beings out there sneering at my porn sessions and secondly that I would end up like them on passing.

    A note to Dr Compton was the result and 2 months later I am experiencing great peace and the promise of putting an ugly obsession behind me.

    Dr Compton’s technique is a combination of EFT tapping and Spiritual Invocation. I wont give away the details but suffice to say that with that approach I have been released from a true bondage to a dark side of my personality. I feel whole. No more shadow over my life. Freedom.

    As I seek to analyze what has been different this time around in my efforts to be free. Obviously there is he aforementioned technique but there is also the ingredient of Dr Compton himself. He is a real person with whom I am now accountable, he steadfastly digs to guarantee that there are no hiding corners or hold back of info. I know for certain that without him and with just the techniques noted above…it would not have been sufficient to quell the Voices that every addicted person hears.

    I can’t thank him or God enough

    Hope this helps anyone looking for assistance

  3. Dear Dr Compton. I live in UK. I heard you speaking in one session of Tony Litster’s programme and I am curious to see if your technique would work for me. I’d like to speak to you sometime to explain my situation and also I’d like to know the cost of your sessions over Skype to see if I could afford them
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Miguel,
      I would be happy to visit with you on skype. Are you in the same time zone as London? If so then we are seven hours different. 11 a.m. here would be 6 in the evening there. When would you like to get together. I could actually talk with you later this morning, around 9:30 or 10 my time. Or I could visit with you around 12:30, which would be 7:30 in the evening there. Let me know. I would love to be of service to you.
      God bless you,

  4. This is Ashley. For some reason I don’t have your number anymore. Could Molly and come see you on Saturday?

    • Yes, around 9 a.m. Or around noon after the first session of conference Call me at 435-890-4737

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