My struggle with pornography goes back many years and through many attempts to quit.  My addiction got started shortly after I returned home from serving my church overseas for two years.  I struggled with a deep sense of loneliness.  When I discovered pornography, it seemed to fill an emotional need in me that came with the steep price of knowing I was not right with my Maker and that I was descending into a world of selfishness and self-loathing.  As anyone who has struggled with an addictive habit knows, failure leads to despondency and hopelessness. I tried many different routes to successfully ridding myself of this behavior– most of it through traditional therapies and religious counseling.  At times, it helped.  It certainly gave me better insights into myself and the way I cope with life but it did not lead to any sustained improvement in my behavior and ability to stay clean.  After short stints of sobriety, the feelings and thoughts surrounding pornography returned along with the addiction.  I was deeply unhappy with myself, how I was shortchanging my family and most importantly, my God.  About a year ago, I was listening to a some tapes on self-improvement and positive thinking.  Given my past failures, I was open to anything that might provide some help.   Arden was a special guest speaker on one of the tapes.  He explained a little about his therapy method. To be honest, it sounded hokey and a little bizarre.  I was pretty skeptical about his approach.  It was nothing like traditional therapy but since that hadn’t worked in any sustained way, I figured I had nothing to lose.  The first time I met with Arden, our first session did nothing to change my initial views but I gave it a try nonetheless.  My success was immediate.  The feelings and thoughts around pornography seemed to vanish, almost overnight.  It was kind of amazing.  I did have some struggles with relapses but instead of hiding the problem, Arden and I immediately worked on the emotional triggers, one by one.  Over time, a sense of peace returned to my life and I could see that, in fact, there is a method to be rid of this behavior.  My closeness to God improved and my ability to focus on others increased.  I really wish this method of therapy were used as the first line of treatment for all individuals struggling with addictive behaviors, be they pornography or substance abuse.  Youth and adults shouldn’t have to go years (spending thousands of dollars on traditional therapies) failing and failing and feeling hopeless.  Arden’s approach provides real relief and freedom.  Please give it a sustained try.  – Steve

Arden did a wonderful job helping me with porn addiction. You have to be open minded and give his methods a chance. I have been addicted to lust and porn for 30 years. Nothing else has worked but his methods really do! – Johnny – New Mexico

Hi Arden, I had an amazing day today. No cravings whatsoever, and it is 9:40pm in my place and I am feeling free of any conflicts. I still can’t believe how things have changed. I am tapping around the day and feeling very positive. Have a great day!

Having just a few visits with Arden Compton has opened my mind to many other options in my life. I am convinced that if YOU are looking for help and seeking for answers you will “stumble” upon tools that will help you overcome the issues one may be dealing with. For me, this site was one of the better tools I “stumbled” upon. Thank You Arden – Dave, Idaho

I would highly highly recommend Dr. Arden Compton to all those people who are struggling with pornography addiction. In my counseling sessions with Dr. Compton, I noticed that Dr. Compton always tries to get to the fundamental root cause of the problem and then come up with a solution which is rational & custom made for your needs. The EFT tapping technique along with the reframes tremendously reduces your desire to view pornography & shift your thoughts in the midst of the craving. The reframes from Dr. Compton changes your thought process with regards to how you view women in general & women in the adult industry. He gives you tips & suggestions on how to occupy your mind with other productive things you could be doing which in turn benefits you & the society around you. He is a good person & a good human being who wants you to succeed, reach your full potential & live the life you were meant to live. Once again, I would strongly recommend people who are struggling with pornography addiction to at least give a try by seeking his guidance & support. – Bob, Los Altos, CA

Hi Arden, – Just a little update from yesterday and today morning. For some inexplicable reason around 9:30 pm last evening after our meeting the craving went very high 9/10. I guess since we had just met I was able to get a grip on myself and do the tapping. It really eased it and brought it down to let’s say 2/10. However once again after 15 minutes it went up to 9/10 and once again I was able to tap it away. And then by 10:30 it was completely gone. I felt very happy and had this amazing rush of confidence and positive feelings.
After that I decided to tap again and repeated something along these lines. “Although, I have not yet fully recovered, I love and accept myself. I can see little changes taking place. I am proud of myself. I am moving in positive direction. It is not difficult to change. I choose to remember this feeling I have of confidence right now and all it took was the courage to tap at moment of crisis. Remember this and start tapping next time there is a crisis.” My question to you is, if such kind of statements are appropriate to say to myself while tapping ? [from Arden – yes this is a very good thing to do]
Also this morning, I woke up with a very positive feeling, the best in many  months. I went straight to the mirror and looked into my eyes and tapped again repeating the above statements along with setting the agenda for today, the four pieces of tasks I want to complete by the end of the day and I told myself, I see myself completing them and even if I am not able to because of reasons I don’t know, I will keep working throughout the day.
Thank you so much, H.H.

“Hi Arden,
Today’s meeting was particularly helpful. I have been jumping and playing like a little kid since then. haha. Thanks.”

“Hi Arden… I just logged into my laptop to thank you for today’s session. I’m feeling very good. Confidence 9/10. It’s a different feeling. Kind of freedom from clutches” – Herman

Hello Arden, It was really nice working with you in our first session. I am feeling positively different in many ways after that – It is subtle but significant and persistent. I am perceiving women in day-to-day with more ease. Thanks for your help.
Looking forward to talking to you on our next visit! P.D.

Just wanted to write this down as a testimonial to the work and technique of Dr. Compton to all those who are also enveloped in a pornography addiction and might be on the fence about seeking outside assistance.
Hopefully my story will resonate with many reading here. Yes, as I shake my head to say I was addicted to Porn. Familiar with the sense that once it hits it takes over despite my best intentions, despite my will to never again, etc. A cycle that repeated for some 20 years. The one thing I will say is that I had never reached out to another to stop till Dr Compton (no real desire or power to quit apparently).
A couple of months ago I ran across Dr Compton’s site and reading the material really hit me. There was a passage from a book about disembodied spirits getting off on the individuals addiction. Fueling as well as embellishing in the energetic lust. This passage did 2 things. Scared the hell out of me that there were these beings out there sneering at my porn sessions and secondly that I would end up like them on passing.
A note to Dr Compton was the result and 2 months later I am experiencing great peace and the promise of putting an ugly obsession behind me.
Dr Compton’s technique is a combination of EFT tapping and Spiritual Invocation. I wont give away the details but suffice to say that with that approach I have been released from a true bondage to a dark side of my personality. I feel whole. No more shadow over my life. Freedom.
As I seek to analyze what has been different this time around in my efforts to be free. Obviously there is he aforementioned technique but there is also the ingredient of Dr Compton himself. He is a real person with whom I am now accountable, he steadfastly digs to guarantee that there are no hiding corners or hold back of info. I know for certain that without him and with just the techniques noted above…it would not have been sufficient to quell the Voices that every addicted person hears.
I can’t thank him or God enough.  Hope this helps anyone looking for assistance – Bill, eastern U.S. 

I totally agree with Arden and what he is teaching about the influence and control of Spirits.  All have heard about the angel one shoulder and the devil on the other.  I truly believe that pornography is strongly influenced by the adversary and his minions.  He will stop at nothing to make as many as he can miserable.
I have had dramatic results from working with Arden Compton.  I was reluctant at first when he mentioned that I was probably being influenced and partially possessed with these Spirits, but when these were released I remember weeping strongly and then finally feeling more in control of myself.  Please do not overlook this because it’s weird.  What is weirder than having a relationship with a computer.  Seriously!
As someone who has been addicted to pornography for over 20 years I am noticing that I am changing patterns and a big part of this is getting the evil out of my life.
One of the things that I have had to accept is that as a human being living in a fallen world, I will always need to be engaged in good things and growing or I will drift.  One of my mentors has taught me that “Either you’re green and growing or ripe and rotton”.  There is no auto pilot for life.  We must be awake and find something that will take the place of the darkness.
I will be forever indebted to Arden for being there for me and for helping me toward the light even at those times when I felt I was too unworthy to even let light  in
If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to call Arden, don’t hesitate to call him.
One more thing that is important to mention is that Arden DOES NOT release these entities.  He coaches people through how to do this NOT using the priesthood but through the name of Christ.  See Mark 9:38-40.  Jesus’ disciples were complaining to him that there was a man casting out devils in his name and they forbade them.  Jesus said “forbid him not”.  This is a good work and I am glad he has the faith and courage to help people to do this.
Joe (Springville UT)

Dr. Compton – I just want to email you to thank you.  All that you have done to help us, it means so much to me. The difference in Tom, I could see it after your first session. He told me- “For the first time in my life I know I can overcome my problems” You don’t know how happy and shocked I was to hear those words when  just a week before he told me he wished he never existed and he meant it. I know he still has a long way to go, but still, he has hope, he is more happy, he is less angry and he is less disconnected from me and our daughters. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough but I pray for blessings for you and your family for all of your work and for the charity you have shown us. Lisa– California

“I did not know what to expect. I had been in various group and individual therapies for addictions, mostly “talk” therapies, for almost three years and felt I wouldn’t experience anything I hadn’t already. Boy, did I misjudge! I had never been promised a full recovery with no more desire for my addiction, as Arden promised EFT could provide for me. I was skeptical. But I felt a drastic improvement after the first visit. It helped me feel inwardly stable – something I had longed for but rarely could obtain and retain from day to day. Going home I thought to myself, “I’ve finally found the way to give up my addiction for good.” I’ve since learned that EFT can help me get through any difficult or stressful situation I face, not just concerning my addiction. This is the enabling power I have found in EFT: the fact that I can use it by myself whenever I need in whatever circumstance I might find myself. It is MY tool, not just a therapist’s tool, but mine that I can continue to fine tune and use whenever I feel the need.” D H – Idaho

“I was introduced to pornography around the age of 8 years old. I am now 35. For as long as I can remember I’ve felt the weight of the addiction. I tried counseling a few times with no real progress. I felt helpless. After the first visit with Dr. Compton I could feel the weight lifting off my shoulders. Through the course of only 4 visits Dr. Compton empowered me to control the urges I had and to see the temptations for what they really were. It’s been two months since my last visit and I have no desire to view pornography. For the first time in my adult life I feel truly in control of myself. Thank you Dr. Compton” S.E. – Utah

I have been a smoker for the past 13-14 years, and throght the years I have tryed quiting many, many times with quiting cold turkey or the pach over and over again.  After talking with Mr.Compton he helped me realize that I was not using the right tool’s.  Like the old saying there is a right tool for every job and with out the right tool the jobs not getting done. I had pent three in a row with Mr. Compton and in those three days he not only showed me the tools needed to quit smoking but taught me how to use them. It has now been one week since I had a cigarette and I feel so much better about myself. And when ever I feel like I need a cigarette I use the tools/tapping that he taught me and the hunger/desire go’s away.    Scotty – Utah

I have so appreciated how much you have helped me over the past months that I wanted to share the relief and freedom I have experienced since coming to see you. I had been married to my husband for 6 years when I found out he was addicted to pornography and had been since he was a young child. He was also pursuing other women in his workplace. This was very upsetting and I experienced so many negative emotions that it was debilitating. I had several instances when I spent the nights throwing up, other nights were spent hyperventilating to the point of being totally unable to even move my own body, and so many nights were spent awake stewing over how my life had crumbled around my feet. I thought my marriage was over! As a wife I felt discarded, used and so angry! I went to see several different counselors who offered no relief and who actually did more damage than help. Their message to me was that my husband would never recover and that I should expect him to “relapse” throughout the rest of our lives if our marriage survived. I was so discouraged, and desperate. I had no idea what to do. The stress and feelings of rage and hate were so dark and overwhelming. Then I had a friend refer me to Arden. At first I wanted my husband to go, because he is the one who had the addiction. When Arden mentioned to my husband that he works with wives too, I was a little hesitant because I had experienced other men counselors who were very unsympathetic. I was at the last straw, I thought if this doesn’t work, I will get a divorce, I couldn’t live this way for the rest of my life. Arden opened my eyes with so many amazing insights, and the ability to overcome these dark feelings that come along with being in this situation. He taught me so much about the atonement and how to use it in my life, while being sensitive to the situation I found myself in. He gave me hope, he gave my husband hope, and the message that we could survive this! He knew that we didn’t have to “suffer” with this addiction for the rest of our lives. While Arden has been working with my husband it’s been amazing to see the changes that have occurred. He is free of the cravings of pornography, he doesn’t think of it all the time, and has truly been able to use the atonement to overcome his addiction. As I have worked with Arden, I have been able to let go of the anger and hate to see the Lords plan for me in all of this. I have hope for our marriage and I feel the light shining within me again.
Thank you, Arden for sharing with us your gifts and helping us through this challenge. I will be forever grateful to you!
Your Friend,

I am 16 years old and have been viewing pornography at least twice/week since I was 13. I have tried to quit countless times. After viewing pornography I would feel guilty, really terrible. So, after each viewing I would try to quit, but I never could until I got help from Dr. Arden Compton. After the first visit my desire for pornography dropped dramatically. In fact I didn’t look at pornography again after that first visit. I only had seven visits over two months, and I have no desire to return to pornography. With Dr Compton’s help it was so much easier than I thought. It has now been seven months since that first visit, and I am feeling great!

“Before I tried this I had a desire for pornography every single day – so much so that I had to give in. Now I only have a desire once a month, and never that powerful that I have to give in. Because I don’t look at pornography anymore, I have more respect for myself and for women.” J. D. – Utah

“I tried several times over the last year to quit pornography. It didn’t work; images would play through my head, and I needed it. Pictures and videos became very real to me. I saw no way out, but knew it was wrong. I came to Dr. Compton not knowing whether he could help me with this problem or not. but now 6-8 visits and I am no loner addicted. I feel much more at peace with myself.” B. J. – Utah

Here are some comments from a gentleman I worked with in January and February 2009. In that period of time he had a total of 11 visits with me. He had one relapse early on in the program.   I checked with him yesterday to see how he was doing, here is his reply, and  a short testimonial he added at the end.
“I appreciate you checking in.  I’m still doing really well.   No concerns have surfaced so far.”

My testimonial: I  had struggled with pornography off and on for at least 15 years.  I’d been to several different counselors and tried different programs.  Everything that I tried seemed to offer helpful tools, but nothing addressed the core beliefs that were associated with my pornography problem.  My life seemed to be out of control, and I was watching everything important to me slip away.  I was very reluctant to see Dr. Compton at first.  Sceptical wouldn’t adequately describe my feeling to the process that he used.  However, to my surprise and delitement, it seemed to work.  I went from accepting pronography as a part of my daily life to recognizing for what it is.  I have now been clean for several months…i’m not one to really keep track…and looking forward to not returning to the evil that had plagued my life for so long

Here is an email that was sent to me from a client for his monthly check up.  I emailed him, asking him how he was doing, this was his response.  This gentleman was one of the very rare ones who only had three visits before I put him on the monthly check in.  He’s done great.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment.

I’ve been paying close attention to what I’m doing.  Things get thrown in front of your face all the time and I’ve been able to think about my experience with you and repeat some of the things in my mind that you had me say and it has given me strength to turn away.  I feel that I’m doing good at this point.  Absolutely no concerns.

“I just wanted to say thanks for what we accomplished yesterday. I have had the most incredible lightness about me. I feel so relieved and hopeful and that’s such a new feeling for me. Wanted you to know that was very encouraging to me. Thanks for your help and kindness.” –TS – Box Elder County

“Words fail me when I attempt to describe the freedom, joy, and perspective this has brought into my life.  I am so glad I had the courage to call Arden and address these concerns I’ve had for so long.  How many more years would I have struggled with these same problems, when a few sessions have changed my life so quickly and so profoundly?” J.L. – Utah

Dr. Compton,
Hello!  This is B. W., a former client of yours. It has been about 18 months since you worked with me.  I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that I have been doing great without my former “weaknesses”.  I have since been happily married!  Things are great.
B. W. – Vermont

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment on this or any other post.





  1. Dr Compton-
    I found your site as I sit here trying to fight this addiction. I am a Christian man trying to dig out of this hole. Like most my problem stated at 13 looking at playboy magazines and has progressed to spending excessive time searching the internet for porn.
    When I first watched these videos I was VERY skeptical but I tried it twice today and I have to say it actual works…

    I am wondering if you plan on being in Nevada soon or where exactly you are located if I could possibly have a session.


    • Hi FS,
      I am glad that the videos helped. I find the majority of people I help are initially skeptical, but the process works anyway. I will be happy to help you over the phone or web-cam connection. I don’t have any plans on being in Nevada any time soon. I help people internationally over the phone and web-cam connections, so I am sure I can help you.
      Give me a call or send me an email so we can set up an appointment and help you be done and over with this ASAP. Most of the time the men I work with are free of the desire for pornography in a month or two, that can be your experience too. You don’t have to keep wrestling with this.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

      God Bless you!
      Dr. Arden Compton

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