Posted by: Arden Compton | September 14, 2015

You Value What Gives You Value 

This is a simple idea, we value things that we hunk give us value. If we think money gives us value, then we will seek for more money. If we think approval from others gives us value, we will seek for approval from others, and are likely to feel hurt when we don’t get it. Most people look to something outside of them to give them inner worth. It could be anything; possessions, pleasure, sex, friends, positions, credentials, titles, etc.  

Seeking inner worth from something external we can’t control sets is up for frustration, disappointment, vulnerability, discouragement and unhappiness. The truth is that we have infinite worth because we are children of God, and God loves us.  No other source can give the self esteem that a real relationship with Jesus Christ can give us. Since we are made in the image of God, the more we come to know Christ, the more we will see the truth about ourselves. The more we loose ourself in the service of God the more we will serve others and find our true divine nature. We need to let go of self interest pleasure seeking activities and seek to build the Kingsom of God by serving and lifting others closer to Jesus Christ. Only then can we be at peace with ourselves. Only then can we be truly free from the need of any worldly thing to give us value. We can be happy and feel good about ourselves even when there is nothing in the world around us validation us. Then we are free to be who we really are and live the joyful life we are meant to live! 


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